13 Tips How To Save Money On Dental Care

A lot of people are scared to go to dentists because they think it will be expensive. However, you should go to an Aetna PPO dentist at least twice a year for a checkup to keep your oral health in check. Thankfully, there are actually many ways you can save cash and get your oral needs taken care of. Here are 13 tips to help you save money on dental care!

Regular Cleanings

You should visit an Aetna PPO dentist at least twice a year and get your teeth cleaned and you might be thinking why is that necessary. Because a bill for teeth cleaning and filling a cavity or two would be much cheaper than dealing with a larger, future problem that you might have ignored. A lot of oral problems can be avoided right away if you address them quickly.

Talk to Your Dentist

A good dentist will understand your financial situation and offer what procedures need to be urgently done. They will then offer you the other procedures when you can afford it in the future.

Ask for a Discount

There’s a chance that your dentist would give you a discount if you pay for your procedure in cash. There’s no harm in asking!

Create a Payment Plan

You can avoid using a credit card by paying for a procedure using a payment plan you and your dentist agreed on.

Ask for Options

There might be a cheaper option that your dentist didn’t think about, so just ask them if you can get a similar procedure for a cheaper price.

Cosmetic or Needed?

As your dentist, if the procedure they’re offering you is actually needed for your health or just for cosmetic purposes. You might get a procedure that wouldn’t have improved your health.

Brush and Floss Everyday

As we mentioned earlier, prevention is a lot better than dealing with a bigger problem. Be sure you take care of your teeth everyday to avoid expensive bills at the dentist.

Go to a Dental School

If you need a super basic procedure done, you could save some money by going to a dental school to have students do it to you. Professional dentists assist the students to make sure no mistakes happen.

Skip a Specialist

You don’t need to see a specialist all the time, especially for basic procedures. A regular dentist will be able to get the same job done at a cheaper price.

Cancel Your Plan

If you do not actually need a dental insurance plan, then you could get rid of it. If you do not have constant problems and just get your teeth cleaned and checked twice a year, you could probably skip dental insurance.

Use your Insurance Properly

If you need a dental insurance plan, make sure you use it properly. Go to dentists covered by your plan.

Buying Insurance

If you notice that you experience frequent issues with your teeth, you might need to get dental insurance to keep the cost low (contrary to number 10, but this depends on the state of your teeth).

Shop Around Dentists

Call several dentists within the area and ask for their prices (given you know what procedures have to be done) to see what the most affordable option is.

By following these 13 tips, you can get the same dental care without breaking the bank!

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