4 Factors to Consider before Going for Butt Augmentation

Butt augmentation is a procedure that enhances the size and shape of the buttocks. Nowadays, these procedures are becoming famous. A firm and lifted butt enhance a feminine figure. A successful butt augmentation starts with a consultation with an expert. Here you can find more details of the suitable procedure like surgical or non surgical butt lift, the doctor himself and determine if you are comfortable with the entire procedure. So, before you consult an expert, consider these factors first.

  1. The expert you choose really does matter

An experienced and reputable butt implant expert is a way to render your procedure successful. The expert you decide must hold expertise in fat grafting and buttock implants. They should also be certified in plastic surgery and be equipped with necessary training and certifications. Enlighten yourself on how to choose the best surgeon for yourself. Ask them the following questions:

  1. Are you licensed and/or certified?
  2. How much expertise do you hold for butt lift?
  3. How will the procedure be performed?
  4. How long would the procedure take?
  5. What must I expect from the recovery?
  6. Would I need any revision procedure in the future?
  7. Brazilian butt lift is different from butt implants

They are two distinctly famous ways of butt augmentation. The former entails the analogous fat transfer and the latter entails surgically installed silicone butt implants. Implants have a rounded shape for your butt and fat transfer gives a natural contour and lift. Consulting with a surgeon will help in determining the right technique suitable with your goals and body type. If you have less body fat then implants are best for you. If you have a sagging butt, then fat grafting would be suitable for you.

  1. The best results will accentuate with your body

An experienced butt augmentation expert will determine the ideal shape, size, surgical procedure for your body. More than having a perfect butt, understand that the procedure chosen must always be custom designed for your physique. Usually the gist of a butt augmentation is more than enlarging it, it is inclined to create an ideal overall figure.

  1. The results are everlasting

A successful butt augmentation can be proven fruitful for the years to come. If you are discontent with your final outcome, it may cost you your confidence, and of course, money. If everything goes well, the results tend to be long lasting. Butt implants are safe and look great for 10 years or even more. Fat grafting mixes with your own tissues providing permanent results.