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4 High-Quality Face Masks That You Must Buy

DIY masks for all could help stop coronavirus - The Washington Post

Face masks are becoming a very important part of day to day lives. Whether it’s the ever rising pollution or the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, a high-quality face mask will always keep you safe and healthy. So, today, we have made a list of 4 such wonderful face masks that you can use. Have a look! 

  1. Pima Cotton Adjustable Face Masks

These high-quality face masks in cotton are washable and reusable. Some of their highlight features are listed below. 

  • They sit perfectly on the nose since they have a metal that can be pinched to offer full coverage. 
  • They have comfortable and adjustable ear loops so that the mask will fit your face. 

In fact, you can also insert the PM 2.5 filter inside these Breathe Safely face masks for added protection if you live in an area that has higher air pollution level. 

Breathe Safely offers a pack of 4 of these face masks at just $31.99. 

  1. Non-medical, 3-Ply Protective Sanitary Face Masks

These disposable face masks have the following features that make them an ideal shield against germs, dust, pollutants, and sprays. 

  • They are made up of 3 non-woven layers of fabric. 
  • They are much more breathable than many other face masks. 
  • Their elastic ear loops do not put pressure around the earlobes. It makes them super comfortable. Thus, they can be worn for long hours. 
  • They can also be used in labs since they are splatter resistant. 

Breathe Safely offers 1 pack with 50 masks at just 24.99$. 

  1. Non-medical, KN95 Protective Face Masks

These amazing anti-pollution face masks are GB2626 certified. Some of their most stunning features are listed below. 

  • They can easily filter particulates greater than 0.30 microns by 95%. Which is why they are a PPE that are perfect for the current pandemic situation. 
  • These are CDC approved face masks; hence, they are a perfect replacement for the medical grade N95 masks that are in shortage these days. 

Breathe Safely offers them in a pack of 5 and 10. The starting price is 19.99$. 

  1. Washable Face Masks

The washable face masks at this company have the following benefits. 

  • They are made of medical grade fabric that offers better protection against germs. 
  • They are reusable and have super comfortable ear loops. 
  • They have a metal string that can be pinched at the nose bridge to offer full coverage. 
  • They have anti-static carbon filters that can easily sterilize the air that you breathe. 

PS: These are non-medical masks, made for the use of the general public. 

These 4 face masks are our best picks. You can, however, also visit the website,, to have a look at more variety.