4 Overlooked Causes of Neck Pain to Look out for

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If you are suffering from back pain that is not going away by any means possible, know that there must be something about your daily routine that is impacting your body. Have a look at these common day to day activities that may be affecting your neck.


  • Your regular commute


Many people ensure that their workstations are ergonomically ready so as it helps in reducing stress throughout the day. The same goes with driving as well. As a matter of fact, the setup of your car drive is also as essential as your workstation, especially if you are driving more than 30 minutes on a daily basis. The ideal setup of your car means it will less effort for you to drive and turn your head less often to drive in the traffic. CareAxis advises to make sure that your seat, steering wheel, and mirrors are set up accurately as this makes a huge difference on your overall posture and eliminate neck pain and headaches. If your driving makes the neck pain worse, then try using public transport or riding on a two wheeler for a few days to lessen the pain.


  • Your sleeping position


You can easily overlook your sleeping position, but spending prolonged hours in a single position can impact your body by paramount. Too high pillows or too flat pillows lead your cervical joints to work on the end of the range in excessive flexion or extension. Just like when you are sleeping on your tummy, your thoracic spine is locked into extension as well as the neck is completely rotated as well. In other words, your joints are suffering from unnecessary and extra stress for no reason at all. Sleeping in an ideal position lets your spine to keep its natural curves in place.


  • Your downtime


Many people end up watching TV or using their laptops to wind up their day. This position may often be neglected but looking a screen mounted on a wall or looking down on your laptop can put pressure on your upper neck. Take a while to have a look at your posture when binging on a series to check if you can lower the screen height or raise it to keep it in a natural position.


  • Exercise regime


Any task that needs sustained positions or frequent neck movements can lead to more neck pain. Cyclists find themselves stuck in neck extension while looking forward and swimmers suffer from the same. Freestyle swimmers suffering from reduced thoracic or neck rotation often face difficulties when rotating while breathing which leads to pain and discomfort over time.