7 Amazing Tips to Extend the Life of Your Lash Extensions

If you are being held up from getting yourself eyelash extensions merely due to the thought of maintenance of the extensions, don’t worry; the maintenance is completely manageable.

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It’s true that eyelash extensions need some extra care in order to make them last longer and this may seem daunting. However, it’s actually not so.

Here are a few tips from eyelash extension experts on how to maintain your lash extensions to make them last longer.

1. Your Extensions Should Mimic the Shape of Your Natural Lashes

Experts suggest asking your lash technician for extensions that match the shape of your natural lashes.

For example, if your natural lashes are straight and you ask for curly lashes, they will shed prematurely.

If you want the curl, experts suggest using a heated eyelash curler later to add the curl.

2. Request for Lighter Lashes

The thicker the lash extensions, the more their weight will be. This increases their chances to peel and fall out.

Therefore experts always recommend asking for lighter individual lashes i.e. in the range of 0.07mm to 0.05mm. These will stay longer than thicker heavier lashes.

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3. Consider Using an Eyelash Sealer

It’s a good idea to apply an eyelash sealer every morning to help keep your lashes in place for longer.

There are excellent products in the market that contain both a hyaluronic and acrylic serum to help the lash extensions glued and remain healthy and in good shape.

4. Take Care of Your Eyes

Your extra-rich night cream may be useful to make your complexion look plump in the morning but it’s not good for your lash extensions.

If you must use a heavy night cream, experts recommend avoiding your eye area because the oils from the cream will harm the glue and cause your extensions to fall out early on.

5. Your Face Wash Should be Gentle and Makeup Remover Should be Oil-Free

An important part of the maintenance of your product like the best eyelash extensions Sydney from Fancy Lash is to avoid touching the eye area.

If you must touch it to remove your makeup, you should use a very mild, low-alkaline soap and oil-free makeup remover.

After your shower, you should just blow-dry your lash extensions on the coolest setting.

6. Sleep on Your Back

It’s easy to understand why you should sleep on your back and not on your stomach. When your face will rub against your pillow, chances of falling off of your lashes increases.

Sleeping on your back will prolong the life of even the best volume lash extensions at Fancy Lash.

Another important thing to remember here is to use a silk pillowcase instead of a cotton one. A silk pillowcase will reduce the chances of your lash extensions being snagged out.

7. Avoid Waterproof Mascara

Although you don’t need mascara once you start using lash extensions, there are some situations when you want to make your eyes look super dramatic and want to achieve the effect through mascara.

In such situations, waterproof mascara is a strict no-no.

This is because waterproof products are extremely difficult to remove and all that rubbing and pulling may be bad for the health and lifespan of your lash extensions.

These tips will help you extend the life of your lash extensions. Follow them and enjoy having your lash extensions for longer.