7 Simple Ways to Find Affordable Psychotherapy Clinics in Vaughan

Paying for psychotherapy services is a challenge for many people. Even people who are insured still find it daunting considering that the restrictions on psychotherapy coverage require many people to pay a lot of money out of pocket. According to a past survey done by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), a bigger percentage of people with mental illnesses continue to experience a lot of barriers to finding accessible and affordable mental health care in spite of the mental health parity laws.

The good news is, there are several approaches that you can take to find affordable psychotherapy services in Vaughan or your locality.

  1. Sliding Scales

Almost all psychotherapy clinics in Vaughan offer sliding scales for patients who are ready to pay out of the pocket as well as patients with limited resources. If you plan to visit a Vaughan therapist or interviewing a potential candidate, don’t forget to ask for discounted rates. You can be lucky to pay as low as 30 percent below the normal rate.

  1. Opt For Community Psychotherapy Clinics

Community clinics in Vaughan are often run by local authorities such as city, town, or county and are set up to help the mentally-ill. While most of them don’t offer free psychotherapy services, they charge much less fee than private clinics. You can end up paying as little as $10 a session if you don’t have an income source.

  1. Request for Flexible Scheduling

While most psychotherapy patients tend to book weekly sessions, if you are paying out of your pocket, you can cut costs by scheduling your sessions on an alternating week basis. To get the most out of the therapy, you can opt for online support groups in between the sessions.

  1. Let the clinic know what you can pay

There are many psychotherapy clinics in Vaughan with pro bono slots, which they leverage to see a percentage of their clients at reduced or at no cost. If you let your therapist know what you are comfortable to pay, they can consider your request and put you on such pro bono slots.

  1. Take advantage of Employee Assistance Programs

Many employers in Vaughan offer broad brush programs that cater to a wide range of employee needs. You can look into these programs to cut your psychotherapy clinic costs.

  1. Inquire About A Clinic’s Payment Plan

If your financial circumstances have changed abruptly, you may consider negotiating for a favorable payment plan instead of abandoning the psychotherapy idea altogether. Some clinics will accept a portion of the total fees at the time of treatment or first appointment with the balance to follow.

  1. Try Group Therapy

Although group therapies don’t favor everybody, it can be tremendously cost-effective and helpful. The groups are meant to provide supportive and non-judgmental environments where you can freely share your experiences with other people with similar problems. The groups are facilitated by licensed psychotherapists and can also provide individual therapy services.

There you have it; some of the best ways to cut the cost of a psychotherapy clinic in Vaughan. However, you need to remember that scoring a psychotherapy clinic at an affordable price point is just the first step. You need to commit to your therapy sessions and work together with your therapist towards your recovery goals.