All about dental Insurance waiting period

All health insurance covers have some waiting period, the length of which depends largely on the procedure, type of cover which means hospital cover or extras cover and health fund. Australian government has fixed waiting period for hospitalization benefits and surgeries while different insurance companies may have different waiting period for different procedures.

Why do insurance companies keep waiting period?

Insurance companies around the globe keep certain waiting period in almost all types of insurance cover. They do this to keep premiums low and also to avoid people taking out insurance for a procedure or service to avail it immediately.

Application of waiting period

Waiting period is applicable on all types of policies for a new policy holder or in situations where you have upgraded your insurance cover or you have re joined health insurance after cancelling your policy.

However, if you have chosen to take a new policy with a different company offering same or fewer benefits, the waiting period that you have served previously will be saved by law for hospital related treatment.

Most insurance companies do allow the waiting periods served by you previously in dental and general treatments.

What happens if I suspend my policy?

If you suspend your policy, the number of days that you suspend would not be counted in your health insurance waiting period.

Waiting period for extras cover

Although waiting period for hospital cover is protected by law, waiting period for extras depend on the fund you choose for insurance. Usually waiting period ranges from 2- 12 months depending on the procedure and complexity of your treatment like 2 months for services like dental check-up and 12 months for procedures like orthodontics.

Types of Dental Insurance

There are basically two types of dental insurance policies

  1. General dental insurance policy
  2. Major dental insurance policy

General dental insurance

Most of the procedures that can be easily included in extras of your health insurance policy like teeth cleaning, removal of plaque, fluoride treatment and small tooth fillings.

Major dental insurance

Major dental insurance is basically for treatments like orthodontics, crown, wisdom teeth removal, bridges, braces, dentures and many more. This type of insurance is also suggested if you are an active sports player or have a family.

What insurance can cover 100%?

Every person has different needs, therefore before settling down for a dental insurance cover, it is important for you to assess your requirements for near future. Some dental insurance policies cover basic treatments in their plan and some do not. Some policies offer percentage benefit and some fixed benefits.

Therefore, it will be prudent for you to compare dental insurance plans of all major dental insurance companies and go ahead with the fund that offers you the best services for least premium.

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