All about shampoo bars

The shampoo bar is a natural shampoo conditioning in the form of a solid bar. The shampoo bars may be new to many, but you will be astonished to learn that solid form of shampoo soaps was used popularly in the 1940s. William Edwards Coale writes about a form of solid shampoo soap in the book “Hints on Health” which was published in 1852. There is other evidence of shampoo soap in the 1920s which can be found in some advertisements of shampoo soap from the digital collection of Duke University Libraries. If you are not used to shampoo bars, it may sound a bit strange. However, get your best shampoo bars from L’Atelier Candide shampoo bars for naturally cleaning and conditioning your scalp as well as for soft and shiny hair.

If you literally want to examine the ingredients in a liquid shampoo, read the ingredients on the bottle of liquid shampoo. Eventually, you will find that they are a form of chemical soap made out of synthetic properties. Almost all liquid shampoos add detergents, preservatives, fragrance oil, foam boosters, and synthetic colour which may be healthy for hair. Often, these ingredients remove the moisture from the scalp and hair, keep the hair and scalp dry, and cause irritation and a sense of brittleness. These ingredients are also the cause for allergies and reactions suffered by many users who often complain about how they have ruined their hair due to some shampoo.

When you look the other side of shampoo bar and examine how the shampoo bar does not negatively impact the environment in comparison to shampoo bottles or shampoo packets; you will find that shampoo bar decreases the plastic pollution. By avoiding synthetic shampoo and adopting the shampoo bar, you will help to protect the groundwater pollution caused by synthetic ingredients used in shampoo bottles.

The difference and similarities between a soap bar and the shampoo bar are their making processes are almost similar along with the ingredients used in shampoo bar and soap bar. The difference is, the shampoo bar is out of carefully chosen healthy ingredients that moisturizes the scalp and hair, and responsible for healthy hair growth and nourishment. The manufacturers normally use organic and natural essential and botanical oils and herb infused oils which have established and known healthy and shiny hair growing properties.

The popularity of the shampoo bar is growing because it results with the faster growth of hair, preventing dandruff, and eventually shiny and healthy hair.