Antifungal Solutions For Feet And Shoes

Athlete’s foot is an annoying fungal infection that is affecting the feet. The condition can range from mildly irritating to severe. There are a plethora of over-the-counter medications available for treatment as well as holistic remedies. It’s possible one of those methods could work for you. However, you should not take chances with athlete’s foot treatment. Tinea pedis (the technical, medical term for this condition) may not entirely go away and could spread to other parts of your body like your toenails. You should not take any risks and get doctor-approved antifungal solutions from the very beginning. When treated early, this nuisance can be wiped out.

The Clarus Antifungal Eradiction kit is the best on the market for the value. In this kit, you get three antifungal solutions for one great price. You will get Clarus’ antifungal solution, cream, and shoe spray. These products can only be sold to you by a doctor. Clarus ONLY sells to doctors! Other pills and creams can add up in price quickly. When you purchase these antifungal solutions from your doctor, you pay the discounted rate of $55! One could easily spend that amount or more on a variety of OTC and home remedies that may not even work. Save yourself the money and the headaches and purchase from your doctor today!

These products work together to help you eradicate your athlete’s foot and help you prevent any future outbreaks. The Clarus Antifungal cream has been formulated to penetrate the skin to relieve uncomfortable symptoms such as itching and cracking. This cream will help moisture the skin of the feet while it gets to the source of the infection to kill it. It also leaves behind no residue or unpleasant smell. Just rub it onto clean, dry feet, making sure to apply it onto the infected areas.

You also get the Clarus Antifungal Solution. This product is applied directly to the toenails and comes with an easy-to-use applicator brush. You brush the product onto your toenail, and it begins working to kill the fungus in your nail and the nail bed.

The third fantastic piece of this kit is the Clarus Antimicrobial Shoe Spray. When treating athletes foot, people tend to forget about the shoes! The fungus likes to live anywhere damp and warm. Your shoes meet that criteria. After taking your shoes off for the day, you spray them with shoe spray, and then leave them to dry. The spray will work to kill the fungus in your shoe by neutralizing and eliminating the odor. Did you know bacteria causes the odor in your shoes? If you do not spray your footwear and rid them of the smell, you are opening your feet up to a potential case of tinea pedis.

No one likes an athlete’s foot or wants to think about having it. But if you do, these antifungal solutions will be your best chance at ridding yourself of that discomfort. Use the products every day as directed, and you will be on your way to being fungus free. Purchase your today!

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