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Are There Flu Detection Systems to Battle Covid-19?

We all live in a time when just going outside is a threat to our lives. The Coronavirus danger is bigger than ever and millions of people are infected. You can never know who’s carrying the disease outside, so social distancing is the best option when going out.

However, we can’t live that way forever. Things have to go back to normal, but unless we as a society don’t something about it, it’s hard to believe that it will ever do.

In this article, we’ll talk more about the ways that we can protect ourselves and what is the best way that our society can limit virus transmission. Follow up and learn more!

Social distancing is a must

As the officials suggest, keep social distance, avoid contact by all means, wear a mask at all times, and go shopping for groceries only when it has to be done. Learn more about these on the link.

This is the only way to tackle the spreading. If no one maintains close contact, the virus won’t be able to go from one person to another unnoticed. The problem with this is that people are not aware of the consequences of not wearing any protection. The virus is dangerous and it’s killing people, which means one must be protected at all times.

If people can’t follow the rules, then the society and the representatives of the law must do this for them. That’s why a lot of public places are now equipped with gear for this matter – temperature sensors, professionals in special suits, but all of this doesn’t seem like it’s enough.

We need technology on our side

As we already mentioned at the beginning, a great question arises at times like these: is there a tool that can help us to detect symptoms of flu? What can be done to help the battle against Coronavirus since the symptoms are the same in the common, ordinary, harmless seasonal flu and the Covid-19 virus?

The answer to this question is called – Artificial Intelligence.

It may sound too dramatic, but this really is the answer. Just take a look at this page and see how companies found a way to battle the problem. The computers equipped with cameras and temperature sensors are all bind together to create a system that is doing a tremendous job in discovering potential threats.

Just installing a CCTV camera in public places and connecting it to the computer which is driven by artificial intelligence software is enough to start discovering and eliminating from the public people with symptoms of flu.

For example, this can be installed in the subway trains, in the subway halls, and at the entrance of the subway. With it, there will be no way for anyone with fly symptoms to enter the transportation device unnoticed and put hundreds of people at risk.

How do AI works?

So far AI has been used in the security industry for protecting assets and companies from burglary and trespassers. The system is pretty simple as it requires nothing but an AI computer, a CCTV camera, and an internet connection.

Through the camera, the software controls the area and has specific instructions about what is not allowed. For example, a person with a gun is instantly noticed by the camera and the security guards are alarmed.

The same system works for detecting flu symptoms. There’s just one tiny difference. The camera needs to be specially designed and has an integrated temperature sensor that will measure everyone going under its eye. This way, it will be easy to detect if someone has a fever, sweat more than usual, or simply has a higher than the normal temperature which is a clear sign that something’s not right.

When the camera detects the person with flu symptoms, it will be picked up by the AI software who immediately describes the person and sends the alarm to the security people. They will take this person out and with it save the lives of many people by preventing the disease from spreading on to them. If you want to learn more details about AI, click here:

How the society must react?

Even though these systems can be bought by any individual, they don’t come cheap. AI software takes a lot of work and these guys working on it deserve to be properly paid. After all, we’re talking about a system that will provide us with proper care and save thousands, if not millions of lives.

In other words, state and city officials all around the country must step up and set these systems all around the country. Business owners should also place at least one camera in their business offices and make sure that everyone getting inside the company is healthy. This can later cost the lives of their employees and with it, the business success.


As we can see, there are detection systems and they must be used as soon as possible. The US has more than 2 million infections right now and time is ticking when this number is going to become so high that the healthcare system will collapse.

Moreover, without something like this, we’re just going to spread the virus back and forth. People will get infected all the time and until a vaccine is developed, we may face devastating death numbers that will resemble those of the Spanish Flu 100 years ago.