The effects of Ayahuasca

The stories have always been doing the rounds of tourists frequenting the Amazonian basins to try out the laxative effects of the Ayahuasca. It is a syrup which is prepared from the banisteriopsis caapi vine stalks and the shrub leaves of the psychotria viridis. This drink is prepared by a shaman or a spiritual leader […]


Hair Transplant in Istanbul 

Hair transplant in Istanbul is carried out successfully with today’s most modern techniques. Hair transplantation is the placement of follicles taken from donor area in the bald area. This is a surgical operation.  The procedure is performed with live follicles taken from the patient. You can’t use another donor’s follicles. Fortunately, most people affected by […]


Best Weight Loss Pills For Women

When you are shopping for a diet pill that can help you shed weight as a woman, you might be disappointed, especially if you constantly land on products that are designed with men’s needs in mind. But, you don’t have to look any further, as we have compiled a handy list of the best weight […]


Top Cannabis Benefits

Cannabis is reported to provide a range of health benefits to the various users. The CBD and THC compounds are extracted separately producing different strains of the cannabis plant. The THC compound is popularly known for pain relieving properties with the CBD strains being recommended for other medical health benefits such as relieving stress, depression, […]