Heart chakra and its impact

You might be aware that there are 7 chakras in our body and the prana or life energy flows through them. When these chakras are in balance and harmony, we experience well-being and are able o function effectively. The heart chakra or the Anahata chakra is located in the center of the body around the […]


Cancer Prevention How Chaga Mushroom Can Help    

The role of medicinal mushroom in improving our health is vital. Scientists have discovered that hundreds to thousands of mushroom species contain immuno-pharmacological properties. Nonetheless, only approximately 50 of these are being used. Medicinal mushrooms are also found to have healing properties that are known to enhance the body’s health. >> Click Here Boost Your […]


How Do I Get Back Into Figure Skating After A Long Break?

Heard of Gracie Gold, a prominent figure skater who knows what it feels to undergo mental health issues? If not, she has a very touching story about her figure skating journey and the setback she has faced. Gracie Gold is a figure skating goddess. Speaking to the Olympic Channel Podcast, she states that at first, […]


What Is Natural Birth with HypnoBirthing

  Giving birth is one of the greatest gifts that women possess.  Being able to conceive, nurture, and eventually reproduce is nothing short of a miracle. However, when many expectant mothers think about the process of giving birth, fear of pain engulfs their minds.   While healthcare caregivers may be quick to administer pain-relieving medications, some […]


Pedestrian Accidents

It is not surprising that car accidents with pedestrians frequently yield for serious injury. Pedestrians, on the other hand, should check the guidance ingrained to people like kids, and that’s to always look both ways before trying to cross the road. While both motorists and pedestrians should always take proper steps to prevent these mishaps, […]


How To Prevent Back Pain While You Sleep

Experiencing lower back pain while sleeping is a common problem associated with stress and your sleeping position. These lower back pains can be too painful to the point of deterring you from having a goodnight’s sleep. Finding the ideal sleeping position might solve your lower back pain problem. As statistically, most of the time sleeping […]


Getting Familiar with the Two Types of Salt Therapy

Salt therapy is a natural remedy involving pharmaceutical-grade dry salt. It is usually done in a comfortable, controlled environment. There are two types of salt therapy in Victoria & New South Wales. These are wet salt therapy and dry salt therapy. Two types of salt therapy   Wet salt therapy. This kind of salt therapy […]


The effects of Ayahuasca

The stories have always been doing the rounds of tourists frequenting the Amazonian basins to try out the laxative effects of the Ayahuasca. It is a syrup which is prepared from the banisteriopsis caapi vine stalks and the shrub leaves of the psychotria viridis. This drink is prepared by a shaman or a spiritual leader […]


Getting Anti-Wrinkle Treatment In A Healthcare Facility For Healthy Skin

You have to a salon so many times for skin treatments but when it comes to wrinkles, you have to change your perspective and focus on some other way of elimination. The first step is assessing the reasons for the appearance of wrinkle.  The regions that receive maximum sun exposure become the victim of wrinkles. […]