Garum Armoricum food supplement – Stabilium

All of us are genetically wired to react to stressors, whether they come from within or outside our bodies. This evolutionary protection mechanism activates our fight/flight rapid response to help us quickly react to protect ourselves or escape danger to get to safety. Stress can be triggered by any psychological, chemical, or physical stimuli that disturb […]

Spinal Cord Stimulation System
Pain Management

Spinal Cord Stimulation System: Returning to an Active Lifestyle

No one wants to have to live with a chronic condition that impacts their lifestyle. For many people, the spinal cord stimulation system has made a world of difference. This device helps people with chronic pain regain an active lifestyle by providing electrical stimulation to the spinal cord. In this article, we will discuss what […]


Multi Channel Pipettes: When Should You Use One?

Multi channel pipettes are beneficial laboratory tools. They are used to transfer small amounts of liquid accurately. They are also used to improve productivity. What’s even more impressive? Multi channel pipettes will not only improve productivity, they can also help ensure precision and accuracy. Just like the single channel pipettes, multi channel pipettes are calibrated […]


Can Prenatal Massage Improve Your Chances of Conception?

Prenatal massage has many physical advantages, but among the most significant is that it helps you relax and release emotions and stress that have been held within you, thus assisting you in your fertility journey. Fertility massage or prenatal massage is a nurturing combination of therapies that strives to provide balance and harmony to the […]


Different Features of a Clinical Centrifuge

Centrifuges like the clinical centrifuge are typically used in laboratories to separate fluids based on density. In clinical and research laboratories, centrifuges are used for virus, protein, cell, organelle, and nucleic acid purification. Clinical centrifuges are used in the separation of whole blood components. Clinical centrifuges are mostly present in diagnostic centers since they typically […]


 Pregnancy Massage and IVF: What Makes It Work?

Are you thinking of using IVF to aid with conception? Depending on your circumstances, IVF could be a good alternative to realize your dream to have children. In general, patients who use donor eggs in their fertility strategy and women of reproductive age should consider IVF a feasible alternative. Maybe your fertility experts told you […]


Balancing a Centrifuge: Tips to Remember

Running an unbalanced centrifuge can be risky. It will not only cause significant damage to the device, it can also harm the operator and other personnels in the laboratory. That said, the importance of balancing a centrifuge before using it cannot be overstated. Balancing masses to the nearest 0.1 gram is recommended. Tubes should also […]


What are the Best Treatments to Achieve a Vshape Face?

The V-shape face is characterized by a slender lower face that creates a V-line, a rounder forehead, sharper facial features, bigger eyes, and clear skin. The much-desired V-shape face offers you a more pleasing-looking and youthful look, and now it is feasible to acquire the V-shape profile in Singapore using non-surgical procedures. What are the […]


How Does Pregnancy Massage Work?

Fertility or pregnancy massage is a nourishing, non-invasive, relaxing, and very effective massage on the lower back and abdomen. It aims to gently stimulate the digestive and reproductive systems’ abdominal area to promote hormonal and whole-body balance to help with multiple conditions. This massage can help you in connecting with your inner woman, your heart, […]