Balance Your PH Levels by German Chamomile (Matricaria Recutita)

Take a more in-depth look at the pH level, including the things to test out your pH level and some simple things to implement to balance your body’s pH.

Today’s 21st century gives you too much information and choices when it comes to health. There are a lot of options to be healthy that can be found in books and on the internet supported by facts and science. But how do you make sense of these pieces of information and put it all into action while knowing what’s good and bad for you?

In today’s article, you’ll learn about the body pH level and why is it essential for every individual, and how to balance it using the fantastic gift of nature – kunzea & pure essential oil online.

Probably many of you already heard about the intuition of how to live correctly, including the correct food to eat. Or perhaps, you need additional encouragement to support you in taking care of these intuitive gifts?

Some of you might use their intuition to live the most out of your daily life and adapt to the changes in the new environment and territory. But the secret is, if there’s one that exists, to shift to an intuitive based capacity of living is turning your intuition more frequently. The complicated part is switching this natural or heart-based lifestyle of yours into learning to fine-tune and enhance your physical and mental mind.

So, to practice how to live intuitively, start with your body’s pH balance.

Why is pH Balance Important?


Potential Hydrogen (pH) level identifies the level of acidity or alkaline level of your body. A pH level with 0 value on it is acidic, while 14 is alkaline. And a pH level of 7 is neutral.

For the optimum function of each body fluid, organs and other membranes have their different pH levels. For instance, a healthy blood pH level should be slightly alkaline; therefore, a value between 7.35 and 7.45 is considered healthy. Your stomach is considered to be acidic if the pH level is 3.5 or below. And your urine’s pH also changes depending on what food you eat.

When an imbalance pH level occurs in a person’s body, harmful bacteria can live and grow, and later on, will develop infections, odor, and irritation. One of the examples of this imbalanced is vaginal pH bacterial vaginitis, the most common disease for menstruating women.

If your pH level is well-balanced inside your body, most likely, you are not prone to accumulate infection in your lifetime. To help you have a balance pH level, you can follow these natural tricks with the use of essential oils.

Essential Oils to Balanced pH Level

Essential oils can protect your body cells from oxidative stress that is caused by acidosis through its antioxidant activity. Also, if oxidative stress is left, untreated can lead to more complications such as inflammation. So the first step that you need to do to treat kind of stress is to balance your pH level.

German Chamomile (Matricaria Recutita)

This is the best blue oil in the world of aromatherapy. German ChamomileChamomile has been scientifically evaluated for its amazing antiphlogistic and anti-inflammatory properties. According to a study, German Chamomile essential oil can penetrate the skin surface into its deeper layers to check its effectiveness as a topical anti-inflammatory by curing skin allergies such as eczema and other skin conditions.

German ChamomileChamomile also showed:

  • Helpful in curing common cold symptoms
  • Anticancer properties
  • Reduces gastric acidity, an excellent alternative for commercial antacid
  • Can treat GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorders)
  • Stimulate osteoblastic cell differentiation
  • Prevents post-operative sore throat and hoarseness of the voice
  • Heal hyperglycemia and diabetic complications
  • Balance the pH level to its neutral state

Indeed, German ChamomileChamomile is a gift of nature that can help many individuals when it comes to health conditions.