Bee Pollen Is The Latest Hair Loss Treatment! Know How It Works?  

There has been a great deal of data circulated about the magical advantages of honey. Need a marvellous face mask? Honey is the best. Want a deep conditioner for hair? Get some additional virgin olive oil and honey, and get the job done right. Honey has been known as a great natural ingredient that helps in maintaining healthy skin and hair. But, what might be said about bee pollen?

Honey bee pollen, which comes from the pollen that gathers on the bodies of honey bees, is promoted as a superfood because of its protein, amino acid and nutrient substance. It is rich in amino acid L‑Cysteine, which contains sulfur and is said to assist with reversing hair loss and can strengthen the hair strand. It is also a good vitamin A and E source imperative to hair (and overall) health.

What Are the Causes of Hair Loss?


Physiological Causes –


The transient body phase is one of the vital factors behind hair loss. Generally linked to pregnancy, hormonal disorders and lactation, hair growth is generally blocked in this phase. In addition, hormonal disorders and nutrient deficiencies are common in pregnancy and lactation periods mainly due to the fetal food needs withdrawn to the fetus from the mother.

Unhealthy Diet –


Causes of hair loss are interconnected. In general, hair loss is commonly caused due to unhealthy diet intake. In addition, lack of iron, zinc and other healthy nutrients makes the hair weak resulting in loss.

Hormonal Causes –


Hormonal disorders like hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism can weaken the hair follicles resulting in chronic hair loss. Moreover, in many people, thyroid problems have resulted in weakening the eyebrows and eyelashes as well. Thus, timely treatment of such disorders is vital.

Hereditary Causes –


Hair loss can also be caused due to genetic problems. However, it is mainly associated with genetic hormones, age and composition.

Psychological Causes –


Anxiety, stress, and other mental tension are vital reasons behind hair loss in men and women. These factors can even cause balding.

How to Use Bee Pollen for Treatment of Hair Loss?

Bee pollen has been proved to offer a positive effect on nutrition and hair growth. Being an essential dietary supplement, it acts as a preventive treatment for hair fall due to fatigue and illness. In addition, for people suffering from baldness, it helps in stimulating hair growth.

  • Mix a teaspoonful of honey with half a teaspoon of bee pollen in a glass full of water. It is good to drink this mixture twice a day, one hour before having meals.
  • Bee pollen works well when used as a hair mask. Take a small quantity of bee pollen, mix it with warm water, and use it as a hair mask. This effective mixture helps in stimulating hair growth.
  • It is good to consume a tablespoon of bee pollen daily by adding it to milkshakes or juices. It helps in preventing hair loss by strengthening hair roots and giving them a great shine.
  • Bee pollen is a great natural ingredient to improve the appearance of hair. Dissolving a teaspoon of honey in a tablespoon of shampoo will help in giving a smooth and shiny texture to the hair.

One teaspoon of bee pollen contains roughly 15 calories, so adding a dash to cereal or sprinkling it on yoghurt is not difficult. Due to its excellent taste, a small handful of it can be consumed in the morning every day. Mixing it with a smoothie is also a great option to gain its nutritional benefits. The FDA has not assessed the wellbeing claims of consuming honey bee pollen. Ensure to focus on hair appropriately and incorporate healthy foods into your diet.

Honey bee pollen contains numerous nutrients, minerals and antioxidants, making it amazingly fruitful for health. Studies have connected honey bee pollen and its compounds to medical advantages like diminished irritation and improved immunity, menopausal side effects, and wound recuperating.

All told, honey bee pollen is an extraordinary expansion to the eating routine and can be effectively bought from genuine honey in Dubai stores or neighbourhood beekeepers to gain the best advantage.