Beginners guide for buying cannabis seeds

If you are a beginner to cannabis harvesting then you might be having a lot of questions in your mind. Starting with the first question that might have struck your mind, “when to start?”. The answer to that is at the start of the year. The first two months are the best for planting the seeds. You can get the plants grown in between April to November, depending upon the climatic conditions where you live.


Another question that beginners mostly ask is “is it legal to grow cannabis plants at home?” Well, the legality depends upon the state you live in. There are some states where it is legal to grow marijuana plants whereas in other states you just need a ‘medical certificate’ to do so. Getting marijuana seeds is not a problem, they are available like other items online like flowers, plants and edibles. There are various seed banks available online from where you can buy the cannabis seeds.

Don’t buy unstable genetics

A term that is often used by marijuana breeder is “unstable genetics”. Unstable genetics means that the origin of seed is unknown. You must avoid buying such packets of seeds as if you buy them, you will be compromising with the quality of the plant. It is better to buy the packet of which there is a brief history given for better breeding so that you can say “I Love growing marijuana seeds for cannabis” and this is also a seed bank name recommended to you for buying such seeds. Once you have a good season of harvest you don’t need to buy them from the market any more.

How much does it cost?

A packet of cannabis seed can cost around 40$ to 50$ if you buy a regular seed. The packet will contain 10 to 12 seeds. But, if you want to buy some high genetics of seeds the cost can rise up to 500$ a pack. The feminized and auto-flowering plants cost more because there are certain chemicals and more efforts involved in their breeding. The plants that grow are healthier and full of nutrition.

Different types of seeds

Regular seeds: The packet of regular seeds has a mixture of female and male seeds. They are the natural occurring seeds from which you can grow either male plant or female plant. There could be more male seeds than female or vice versa. It can also happen that all the seeds can be of either type of plant. For good harvesting, you need to determine the sex of the plant during the flowering season. It is beneficial to keep male plants away from the female as they can ruin the flower by pollinating it.

Feminized seeds: These seeds guarantee that the plant that grows from them will be female and the flower of which will grow to full. These are the best packets of seed to buy for beginners. It also lowers the risk of getting male plant in the field. Even one male plant can pollinate huge number of female plants which can ruin all your efforts.

Autoflower seeds: If you are a beginner then you can prefer buying these seeds as they require minimum efforts. The plant that is grown out of them flowers when it reaches the age automatically. There is no need of light for that purpose or any other special climatic condition. You can see the flowers within 2½ to 3 months of plantation.