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As shown by the indications of the World Health Organization (WHO), the temperature between 36.5 ° C and 37.5 ° C is considered normal. If the fever rises, the hands and feet become colder because the body carries the blood to the central areas, in fact when the temperature stops increasing, the extremities are also hot. Does the temperature not rise? In case you keep yourself under control there is no reason to lower it . Fever, in fact, is the symptom that the immunity system is responding to.

The High Fever Options

In case of high fever it is essential to drink plenty of water in order to replenish the lost liquids: yes to fresh juices, extracts and infusions of flowers. Among herbal remedies, elderberry, sweet violet, linden and mint are considered particularly beneficial, which combined together in a herbal tea have the effect of a real plant aspirin: attention, for the dosage and the use, the consultation of one’s own is fundamental trusted herbalist. Make use of the iHerb discount code SG for purchasing the best natural medicines for the work.

  • You can use antipyretics, which help to contain the symptoms of typical seasonal ailments by fighting headaches, bone pain and malaise. The best time to take paracetamol is in the evening, when the temperature tends to rise, before going to bed although it remains advisable to consult your doctor or pharmacist, before taking medications.

Rest is fundamental

Sleep, as well as accepting to spend a few days at home in total relaxation, is the message for the body that we are stopping. Password: stop, rest, listen to the messages of your body and do what you feel. Allow your mind to rest.

  • Air the rooms and if you can use an essence vaporizer: the essential oils of mint, eucalyptus or tea tree oil can help to purify the atmosphere and, in addition to pleasure, will add the beneficial effects of aromatherapy. Turmeric, chilli and onion, with a disinfectant action, are natural antibiotics, together with honey.
  • Thanks to a state of deep relaxation on a physical and psychological level it is possible to help the immune system to function better and heal the body by accelerating a definitive recovery.
  • Take care of yourself with simple nutrition. Yes to small snacks based on tea, antioxidant and detox, some almonds and fresh fruit or citrus juice, which help to fill up on minerals and vitamins.

A recent US investigation shows that chicken broth, a classic grandmother’s remedy for fever and flu, stimulates the production of white blood cells by improving the immune response. Listen to your body’s messages about food too. With the iHerb HK you can find the best deals here.

Natural remedies

Uncaria tomentosa , in the form of a dry extract available in capsules, counteracts infections. The intake of half a capsule diluted in a modest quantity of water (or fruit juice) as soon as you wake up in the morning and half a capsule at the end of the day may be recommended.

Warning, herbal remedies should not be administered to infants, while on children only from 3 years of age. In general, before taking it is important to get advice from your herbalist or trusted naturopath.