Bewg Qs: things to ask yourself when buying a new bong  


Every smoker knows one thing: buying a new bong is an exciting time. There is just such a wonderful raft of options available, from big glass beasts to small ceramic beauties.

Whatever your choice, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions when choosing the best bongs for sale Australia has available.

So, make these cheeky considerations before you jump into the fire and pick up something you wouldn’t want to touch with a 10 foot cone:

  1. What will be your cone’s environment?

It goes without saying that a quality bewg isn’t the cheapest apparatus in the world, and for good reason: you can get so much amazing use out of a quality instrument that you won’t find yourself buying a new one any time soon!

This being said, if the cone is going to be located in an area with heavy passing around traffic, you might want to be the sole person to fork out for this ripper new accessory and – if this is to be the case – perhaps you should consider buying a cheaper one so your cheapskate mates can throw it around as they please…

  1. What material is your new billy going to be?

You don’t want to purchase the wrong material for your new cone, so it’s important to consider what is right for your needs. Naturally, glass has long been the favourite taker, providing a sturdy smoking experience for years on end so long as no one drops the thing. Soft glass is a great option as it contains a solid thickness. However, you need to be careful when putting it down as the glass is thinner in the bottom chamber.

Ceramic bongs are probably the second most popular choice, especially as they often contain really cool and interesting designs that are a delight to smoke from. Ceramic bongs are usually smaller and provide a nice and pure weed taste. However, they can be quite difficult to clean, making them a better option for infrequent smokers.

Next, there is the plastic option, and obviously not the most optimal for a clean smoking experience. Whilst many people like to go with placcy for its indestructibility (without being directly burnt) and portability, the truth is that they are just a cheaper option that won’t provide a true smoker’s experience – give it a miss if you can.

  1. What size is my new cone going to be?

Size matters when it comes to cones, so remember that the bigger the bewg, the bigger the chance of it getting smashed to bits. If you do, however, want a really big old cone sitting around the house, be sure to store it away in a spot where it won’t be susceptible to copping a bong-breaking knock to the floor. A high shelf will do the trick – just don’t leave it teetering on the edge of a coffee table, basically…

  1. How much am I going to spend?

You can easily spend small or large amounts under each of the following considerations, factoring in the finer points of each individual unit. You can find all kinds of amazing and healthy vaping apparatuses out there, just waiting for you to pack it full of herb and enjoy a ripping-good night on the sofa.

Just remember to follow the above tips for choosing the right option for you – the wrong one could find you going back to the store before you know it!