Body Treatments Service Benefits In Tustin, CA


In its core, body treatments are like a facial. But instead of just giving your face TLC, a body treatment means your whole body will benefit, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. 

The idea behind this spa treatment is that it’s just as important to exfoliate, cleanse and hydrate the skin on your whole body as it is your face. This treatment is great for your body regardless of what time of the year, however, it can be particularly helpful during the winter when the skin is prone to flaking and dryness. 

Not convinced? Here are the most common body treatments in Tustin, California and their amazing benefits:


  • Body Scrubs


Body scrub, also called body polish, is the most popular body treatment in every spa in Tustin, CA. This is an exfoliating treatment that takes place on massage tables. As you lay on your stomach, with only a few towels covering private parts of your body, a therapist rubs a mixture of oils, sea salt, and aromatics into your skin. 

This mixture helps exfoliates the skin, rubbing and removing dead skins and leaving your skin soft and fresh. Since it is a massage, it also provides chronic pain and tension relief which allows you to relax and reduce stress on your muscles and body. 

Once your whole body is scrubbed, you take a shower without soap, which leaves a good coating of oil.


  • Body Wraps and Masks


A body wrap and body mask usually take place after a body scrub. After you rinse off solid particles on the scrubs, you can choose to return to the treatment table where the therapist slather you with mixture wrap of algae, mud or seaweed, wrapping you into a thermal blanket. 

This “detoxifying” treatment helps stimulate your metabolic system and speeding your ability to carry your waste products. Meanwhile, if the mask is a lotion or cream, then it is a hydrating treatment that adds moisture to your skin, to give your skin plumpness and the rejuvenation it needs. 

A body wrap, on the other hand, is used to treat cellulite. It helps in preventing wrinkles, slowing down the physical signs of aging, and sometimes has a diuretic effect which helps in the temporary reduction of weight. 


  • Body Soak


Some spa in Tustin, CA also offers body soaks, where you can enjoy a tub of luxurious and beneficial water therapies that have the ability to soothe aches and keeping you relaxed. It offers stress relief and detoxification, deep pummeling hydrotherapy and showers.