Can Prenatal Massage Improve Your Chances of Conception?

Prenatal massage has many physical advantages, but among the most significant is that it helps you relax and release emotions and stress that have been held within you, thus assisting you in your fertility journey.

Fertility massage or prenatal massage is a nurturing combination of therapies that strives to provide balance and harmony to the digestive and reproductive regions. On a far deeper and arguably more vital level, this one-of-a-kind therapy reconnects women to their bodies, particularly their womb. Fertility journeys are softly fostered when all elements of our being are nurtured.

What Exactly Is Fertility Massage?

Fertility or prenatal massage is a deep but gentle, non-invasive sacral and abdominal therapy that focuses on enhancing nerve, blood, and lymph flow to the abdominal organs.

The massage also works on releasing emotional and physical strain, assisting in the loosening of hardened material (that has accumulated in your stomach for years), stimulating natural movement, and removing both emotional and physical congestion, leaving you and your abdomen feeling lighter.

What Is Fertility Massage Therapy and How Does It Work?

Abdominal massage has been utilized for millennia in several traditional societies throughout the world to assist women boost their fertility and develop a healthy womb, from the Mayans to the Indian, Chinese, and East Asian traditions. This pelvic fertility bodywork focuses on the reproductive organs of the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus, and the liver, stomach, colon, and small intestine. The method also strengthens the diaphragm, which aids in oxygenation and breathing.

Womb Massage

The womb is located at the bottom of your pelvic bowl, behind and immediately above the bladder. Fertility massage could assist a tilted uterus by urging it to return to a more upright and centered position. Bloated intestines, as well as a general lack of good circulation in the pelvis, might further squeeze your womb. The primary artery that feeds blood to the uterus also supplies blood to the legs. Circulation might be compromised if you live a stressful or sedentary lifestyle. Improving your general activity level, participating in stretching activities like Pilates or yoga, and having competent abdominal massage therapy could all help.

Ovary Massage

Fertility massage could benefit your ovaries by supplying oxygenated nutrients and blood to the eggs.

Abdominal Massage

A part of the abdominal massage targets the liver, intestines, and stomach. Massage of the stomach is beneficial for stress reduction and digestion. You might initially notice how the stomach feels physically tight and rigid as a result of tension and holding patterns in your body. A calm digestive system performs better and helps hormonal balance and general health.

Liver Massage

The liver fulfills approximately 700 functions in the body, among which is to filter excess hormones and poisons for elimination. The liver is situated on the right side of your body, behind and beneath the bottom ribs. The massage improves energy and blood circulation to your liver.

Deep Colon and Small Intestine Massage

Massage to the intestines is quite beneficial to your overall health and may significantly increase how well and vibrant you feel. By massaging the intestines, you’re assisting your body in the elimination of impacted feces as well as improving healthy function and peristalsis. In addition to consuming the appropriate nutrient-dense diet, you should increase your nutrient absorption. A deep colon massage is really beneficial in this situation. Fecal-impacted intestines could also be heavy, leaving you feeling weighed down, lethargic, and bloated, as well as putting undue strain on the ovaries, womb, and fallopian tubes.

Is Fertility Massage Appropriate For Me?

Yes, fertility massage might assist you if your condition will benefit from releasing abdominal muscular tension, boosting circulation, lowering lymphatic congestion, having an improved energy flow, and enhancing pelvic organ alignment.