Cannabis DIY: What Know When Making Your Own CBD Oil Edibles


CBD oil edibles are now a popular medical and even recreational product. You can certainly buy this item at a local dispensary but if you want to try your hand in making this for yourself, you will be glad to know that this is easy. You simply need to mix your hemp buds into your preferred kind of oil, heat and strain. Then, you can mix this to the food and drink you prefer.

While this process is pretty simple, you need to remember these things:

Pick a strain rich in Cannabidiol

Creating CBD oil means that you will need to extract this particular cannabinoid from your buds. This can be difficult if you choose a variety that has more THC than CBD. So, see to it that you get buds that have the amount of CBD you prefer. 

Cannabinoids bind well with fat

When making your own cannabis edibles, you need to make sure that you use ingredients that will allow you to maximise the effects of your dried marijuana. Cannabinoids are soluble in fat, which is why oil is the perfect ingredient for binding. The plant also goes well with baked goods due to the dairy content of these treats. 

Decarboxylate your buds

In an attempt to fully utilize the potential of your herb, another thing you should always remember is that you need to decarboxylate it. Decarboxylation is the process of heating up dried cannabis in an optimal temperature, time and method, which is 225 degrees F for 60 minutes through baking. So, before you throw in your buds into the pan, make sure to decarb it first. 

Do not overheat

While heating it up activates the cannabinoids in your buds, make it a point to monitor the temperature. Keep in mind that cannabinoids (the active chemical compounds in cannabis) and terpenes (compounds responsible for the aroma of the plant) can evaporate. If this happens, then you will not reap the full benefits of the herb. 

Take it easy

You may be tempted to use as many buds as you can. However, it is always smart to consume the plant in moderation. Moreover, edibles are certainly effective, but it may take a few minutes for it to take effect, so make sure to take it easy. 

Buying manufactured hemp products is a good thing for cannabis enthusiasts but making your own edibles is more fulfilling. If you love discovering thing by yourself, then cannabis DIY is the best way to go.