Choosing the perfect type of massage chair for yourself

What is a massage chair?

As the name says, it is a chair that is designes to massage your muscles and body parts. It is made out of motors that are inside the chair. People that work a lot or just do a lot of things each day should use massage chairs as often as they can because it relaxes their muscles and they can continue to do their jobs. The massage chair was invented in 1954 by a Japanese engineer called Nobuo Fujimoto. There is are two types of massage chairs. The first one is called traditional and it is a foldable chair on which a persone sits and gets a massage. Today there aren’t many of these massage chairs left as almost every company that produces massage chairs is making the second type that is called the robotic type. These massage chairs are fully robotic and don’t need anyone to do the massage. It is all done by electric motors that are located in the chair. There are many benefits of this type and the most common are deep relaxation, reduced blood pressure, lowering heart rate, and increased metabolism. The robotic massage chairs have a variety of features like extendable ottomans for people that have long legs or arm rests and cup holders. Some of them even have heating/cooling systems that keep your body cool or warm.

What are the best types of robotic massage chairs?

In the modern age of technology there are a lot of types of massage chairs and each one is good for something. The two most comon are Professional and Consumerist massage chair. The professional ones are used by chiropractors and are portable. Today, the most popular massage chair is the Consumerist type. They are also divided into two groups: Hobbyist and Therapeutic. The therapeutic massage chair is mostly used for pain problems a person can have whilst Hobbyist massage chairs are used for relaxation and can have lots of features like MP3, LED lights and more.

The best massage techniques today

There are a lot of techniques used by massage therapists but the most popular ones are the Shiatsu method and the Swedish method. These methods are very different. The shiatsu method uses sweeping, patting, rolling movements that are mainly used for releasing tension and pain in certain locations of the body. On the other hand, the Swedish methond uses long gliding strokes and kneading motions that are commonly used for better circulation.

Why is buying a massage chair good for you?

Using a massage chair can be good for you in a variety of ways. When it completes its task and relaxes your body, so you can have a good posture and you feel less stressed. It is especially useful if you work every day and you have a job that is physically tough on your body. It stimulates hormones called endorphins that are released by the body and can help you with the pain.