Cornerstone Botanicals

Cornerstone Botanicals is family owned and operated. Founder, Wendee, speaks about how CBD has undoubtedly benefited her life. With these results, Wendee felt confident to provide knowledge and expertise on her passion of CBD, with others. 

Founded five years ago, Wendee believed that this was ‘God’s plan”. It all started when she was having trouble with her hormones, which resulted in a negative change in mood. Not used to this sudden change, Wendee went to see multiple doctors to see what the problem can be. When she was given a clean bill of health, she knew that there was something terribly wrong with her body

She was unfortunately diagnosed with Premenstrual Dysphoric Syndrome, PMDD. Which, as she explains is, “PMS times a hundred?” Told to take antidepressants, Wendee knew that there had to be another answer. 

With little to no knowledge of CBD and the effect of it online, Wendee decided to research it for herself. Once she learned the science behind it, she was convinced that this would be something that will benefit her. 

She started using CBD products, and slowly but surely, she started to feel the effects and experience the results. This helped her so much; she decided to make her own company out of it. 

Cornerstone Botanicals uses USDA–certified organic hemp farm for their CBD oil to ensure that customers are getting the best quality that they can. Located in Colorado, Cornerstone Botanicals believes that everything should be locally made; from the time it is grown to the packaging. Everything is done in Colorado. Wendee hoped her CBD products will change people’s lives, just like hers was.