Hair Care

Curly Hair Tips: 8 Basic Blunders & How To Avoid Them

Managing curly hair is a Sisyphean task in itself, and on top of that, dryness and damage are more prominent on a regular basis. Split-ends, entanglements, roughness, and dryness always accompany you if you have bouncy hair. Some of the basic mistakes that people with curly hair commit are the following:

  1. Applying too much shampoo: Curly hair needs essential oils to maintain its texture. If you cleanse your hair daily with shampoo, it may dry out. Try to maintain a balance until absolutely necessary. Use hair oil for hair care so that roots don’t get damaged beyond repair.
  1. Untimely use of styling products: Curly hair needs to get styled as soon as it gets damp and wet. If it dries out, hair products can further damage the hair follicles. So, you need to maintain timely styling.
  1. Avoiding conditioner: This is a blunder. You cannot skip conditioner after applying shampoo, as this can make your hair rough and dry. Maintain the basic steps of hair management for better results.
  1. Brushing your hair for removing tangles: Never brush your hair while it is entangled. Use a fine-tooth comb with wider spaces, and you will experience much lesser hair fall.
  1. Using chemical products: This can react harshly to your hair. Use mild natural products like Indulekha oil & shampoo so that your hair receives the best nourishment.
  1. Improper sleep techniques: Do not keep your hair open while sleeping. Tie it up and also use a silk pillow cover instead of cotton. This will protect your hair from further damage.
  1. Wrong method of blow-drying: Firstly, try to air dry your hair without any instrument as such. If you need blow-drying urgently, do it with a diffuser so that your hair doesn’t get tangled up further.
  1. Wrong conditioning: This can prove to be a blunder. You must apply a mild leave-in conditioner only to the length of your hair and not on the scalp. Do this to prevent further damage.

Managing curly hair can be tough at times, but investing in the right techniques will help you greatly. Avoid common mistakes and allow better nourishment for your hair growth.