Debunking Top Five Autoflowering Cannabis Myths

There was a time when not many people were in favor of Autoflowering High CBD Seeds. But in recent years, autoflowering cannabis has become the most viable and profitable way of cultivating.

However, not much of a fact is known about autoflowering cannabis, meaning you can easily get fooled. In fact, there are various misconceptions surrounding autoflowering cannabis. So, today we will help you to dissect the truth against the myth.

 Myth #1: Autoflowering seeds don’t generate high THC levels

With the years of genetic crossing and fine-tuning, the autoflowers are now capable of extending to new THC marks. Now you can easily find autoflower seeds with an average of 15-22% THC.

And with the help of customized breeding, many autoflower strains have boosted CBD levels too.

 Myth #2: They produce smaller yields

Well, yes, the older generation autoflower plants were of small size. And that is why they produced smaller yields. But, as we know, there has been a considerable change in breeding patterns. Nowadays, even autoflowers are capable of producing yields the same as feminized seeds.

 Myth #3: They require light for 24hours for growing

Well, autoflowers have a unique way of growing. But that is only because of lacking photoperiod cycles. But, the myth isn’t true. They do not require 24 hours of light. In fact, they can happily grow with a full day of light, meaning 16+ hours are enough. But again, some strains benefit a lot from additional light than others.

 Myth #4: They don’t have flavor

Almost every other person thinks that autoflowers aren’t as flavorsome as regular cannabis seeds. Well, as long as you practice buying the seeds from a reputable breeder, you don’t have to worry about the taste being hampered by terpene profile.

 Myth #5: They cannot be transplanted

Well, this myth is partly true but can be avoided. Autoflowers can suffer shock during the transplanting process because they have a short life cycle. So, use a few tips while transplanting, like:

  • Use the same soil while transplanting.
  • Opt to transplant just before the plant enters its dark phase in dry soil
  • Soak the medium lightly before transplanting
  • Make sure to plant the autoflower at a similar depth when transplanting in a bigger size container. This way, you can avoid stem rotting.

 Over to you

To be honest, there is a stigma surrounding autoflower seeds. And the main reason for such stigma is the past judgments laid out by the people in terms of autoflower’s quality. But with the advancements and improved breeding techniques, the autoflowers are slowly yet steadily gaining their reputation.

We hope our article was able to offer you much-needed insights into Autoflowering High CBD Seeds.