Dental implant: see why it is important to stop future deterioration

The dental implant is a titanium cylinder (pin) placed inside the maxillary, or mandibular bone, below the gum, and which has the function of exercising the same role as the tooth root. Once the dental implants are placed, the dentist can proceed with placing replacement teeth on them. The dental implant can be indicated to replace the loss of all teeth, some, or just one tooth.

How do dental implants work?

As they are integrated into the bone (bone integration process), dental implants offer a stable support for artificial teeth (prostheses). Partial, and total prostheses mounted on dental implants will not slip or, change position in the mouth, generating a great benefit during feeding and speech, essential functions for our daily lives. This type of dental prosthesis is called implant prosthesis, and gives the patient more safety in all oral functions than conventional bridges or dentures.

What is immediate load or immediate function?

Immediate loading on dental implants, or immediate function is possible to be performed when bone quality, and quantity are sufficient to stabilize, and lock the dental implant. This allows for the immediate installation of a functional temporary tooth on the implant. After the bone integration time is complete, the definitive porcelain dental prosthesis will be made.

What are protocol / fixed denture?

It is a dental prosthesis for all teeth fixed on a minimum of 4 dental implants. Restoring beauty and function wonderfully. Well, it is an excellent choice for patients who wish to get rid of dentures. In addition, Dental implants are indicated to replace one, or more missing teeth through rehabilitation with screwed or, cemented dental prostheses on the implants. There is no absolute contraindication for treatment with dental implants.

Conclusion: indications, and contraindications

However, there are some risk factors that can decrease the success rates with that therapy, such as: smoking, diabetes and periodontal (gum) disease. So, are you thinking about getting a dental implant? Want to travel to Hungary to get dental implants? Well, the decision to have a dental implant is a time that has been studied, and expected by the patient. To be able to chew again with the presence of all the teeth in the mouth, or without the use of dentures is the dream of many people. Before finalising the meeting with the dentist, read online reviews, and see the website.