Ensuring your baby has optimum bone health

The process of giving birth may seem and appear simple but there are quite a number of risks that come along with it. The whole process usually has a lot of strains and stresses not only to the mother but to the baby as well. That is why osteopaths for children and babies are required to help the infants go through this period with as much ease and comfort as possible. The most effective form of osteopathic treatment for babies and children is known as cranial osteopathic treatment and it helps relieve the symptoms of a wide range of conditions and will leave the toddler feeling relaxed, soothed and happy.

Signs of osteopathic problems

The stresses and strains experienced during labour may lead to unsettled behavior in the baby who may present difficulties in winding, bowel movements, feeding and sleep. If they are not taken care of at the early stages of life, the baby could suffer a variety of symptoms as they grow. An osteopathic check-up should be conducted immediately after birth in order to determine whether there are any potential problems that the baby may experience. Some of the bodily systems that may experience difficulties due to osteopathic problems include breathing and digestion.

How osteopathy is done

After birth, there is a lot of physical and mental development that a baby goes through. During the first few years is when the baby learns how to crawl, walk, run, communicate, and is usually keen to explore the surrounding environment and interact socially. When a baby does not pass through some of these milestones, it may be a sign of osteopathic problems and an osteopath is needed to examine and evaluate the child. Osteopathy is mainly concerned with the arrangement of body parts and their movements and therefore an osteopath’s duty is to locate the source of the problem. Once the problem is identified, the osteopath uses his/her hands to correct the malfunction. This is very imperative as movement disorders have profound effects on the functioning of all body systems.

Importance of osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy for babies and children is extremely useful particularly for correcting the aches and pains that newborns and young children experience but are not able to express. Cranial osteopathy works in a very unique way. Osteopaths have a very developed sense of touch and are able to feel subtle changes of tension and tissue quality. Using cranial osteopathic techniques, an osteopath is able to release tension and restore the body’s natural rhythm and balance.

How safe is osteopathy?

The major concern especially for new parents is whether osteopathy is a safe procedure for their babies. When performed by a well-trained and highly qualified pediatric osteopath, it is very safe and will definitely soothe and relax the baby, relieving overall discomfort and symptoms so that your baby’s natural healing mechanisms are restored. One of the main indicators that the osteopathy is working well for your child is sleeping really well. After treatment, all the tension and stresses that the baby had experienced before become a thing of the past and is now able to have a wonderful and peaceful time, either when playing or even sleeping.