Entrepreneurs and frontline workers are increasingly adopting yoga, here’s how you too can balance your body and mind amid the crisis

If there is anything that can be complex and utterly challenging yet brings so much peace and tranquillity, it is undoubtedly yoga. From headstands, shoulder stands to dhanur, different kinds of yoga challenges have been doing rounds in social media these days. In fact, yoga is among the few things frontline workers retreat to after long hours’ shift of working under stressful conditions. With the stress and anxiety of the hospital life, especially during the pandemic crisis and the added worry over their health, it can be physically exhausting and emotionally overwhelming for them.

However, the importance of what may apparently seem like a mere series of few stretches and body curls cannot be overstated even for entrepreneurs and executives who have been working from home as well. Self-isolating at home and having no social life tends to ignite the feeling of loneliness and depression. Therefore, a recent research by the University of South Australia revealed that movement-based yoga can improve the mental health of those people with the benefits increasing with the increment in the number of yoga practices.

It is because of its wide-ranging and lasting health benefits that yoga has been a part of morning routine of many influencers and entrepreneurs as well. Even Sandip Chhettri, COO of online B2B market place – TradeIndia, has resorted to yoga during the time of social distancing. “I clear my thoughts and plan my agenda for the day along with some breathing exercises. Yoga and meditation keeps me fit,” he said. Similarly, we have Rajat Khare, founder of the European investment firm Boundary Holding who have also taken a liking to yoga. In fact, he has created a facebook page – ‘Rajat Khare Yoga’, which is intended to inspire the community of entrepreneurs to take up what can be a remedy for our day-to-day problems.

With a major disruption in our lives, it is crucial that we reinvent our schedules to keep ourselves occupied with productive activities. While it is seemingly impossible to experience the typical beach yoga retreat you may have envisioned for yourself, it is not a bad idea to immerse yourself in yoga experience at home by creating an atmosphere that can possibly take you to a zen-like-state. Since, it is our minds and inner thoughts that yoga helps us to train, setting up the outer space accordingly can enable us to foster the same. It may be hard acclimating to this new habit and allowing yourself to be at ease when the entire world is facing an unprecedented ordeal, but all you need is time and consistency to be able to indulge yourself in that rewarding experience.