Everything An Expecting Mother Should Know During COVID-19

A lot of pregnant women are anxious about whether coronavirus can infect their babies. It is obvious to feel stressed and scared. There can be several other questions that may have been troubling you. In this article, we will look at all these concerns, and give you the most trusted advice.

Will doctors allocate separate locations for me and my baby?

To prevent any possibility of infection, initially, hospitals decided to keep the mother and the baby in different units. However, those bans got reversed when patients, advocacy groups, and providers, showed the emotional, and physical risks involved in such a state.

Most hospitals have now permitted one known person to be physically present with the expecting mom. Custom Earth Promos is one of the reputable websites that bring you quality CE certified masks, N95 respirator masks, etc. to keep you protected from coronavirus.

What is the possibility of my baby to get COVID-19 from an infected mother?

This is a very common concern among mothers who wish to know the chances of transmission of COVID 19 virus from an infected expectant mom to her baby. Let us know how the virus can make its way from the mother to the baby:

Vertical Transmission

The first channel through which the infection can pass from mother to baby at the time of labor or pregnancy is the vertical transmission. It comprises of the infection spread via the amniotic fluid present in the mother’s body, or the placenta.


The next means in which the infant can become infected from his mother is through breastfeeding. This is the way by which you can pass drugs, pathogens, and medications through the breast milk that can impact the baby. Breast milk has antibodies that boost the immune system of the baby, so in this way, it is a healthy option for the baby.

Close Contact

When you give birth to a woman, you need to maintain close contact with your baby. This is when the baby forms a deep bond with his mother. Due to this reason, being distant with the baby may not be possible.

But you need to know that coronavirus can easily spread through person-to-person contact. It transmits from the infected respiratory droplets that can pass from the infected mother to the baby. Due to this reason, doctors discourage close contact and recommend breastfeeding by way of the bottle.

Does Home Birth ensure safe delivery?

Home is the safest place to deliver a healthy baby. This makes it a good option for women and keeps the mother and baby safe from the infection at the hospital.  The mother must be comfortable with this option. It is important to talk to your doctor about the possible health concerns associated with this type of delivery treatment.


Pregnancy is one of the critical phases in the life of a woman. You can’t take anything lightly and especially when it is about giving birth during coronavirus. By being adequately informed, you can get peace of mind and ensure successful and safe delivery.