Evidence That E-Cigarettes Are Not as Addictive as Regular Cigarettes

Various research findings have found that e-cigarettes are safer than tobacco cigarettes in several ways. People who choose to use electronic cigarettes admit they are less addictive. So, individuals are more able to control their use. Even though e-cigs are less addictive, the number of users among the middle-aged and young has been on the rise. This has led to a decrease in the use of classic cigarettes. Researchers at various institutions have linked the increase to information about the less-addictive traits of e-cigarettes. Also, due to the fewer adverse effects on our health.

Lowered Dependence on Nicotine

Nicotine is a primary ingredient in tobacco. At this point, there’s no way it can be entirely removed from traditional cigarettes. The more people use traditional cigarettes, the more the nicotine craving increases, and cigarette smokers become addicted. On top of this, the majority of tobacco smokers really want to quit. This is especially true when they suffer from illnesses such as cancer. It becomes harder to stop because the addiction keeps them stuck in the habit.

E-cigs have a known and controlled nicotine level. Nicotine is not even a main ingredient in many e-juices. For those eager to quit smoking, they can try to use e-cigarettes packed with e-juice with progressively lower nicotine. Some e-juices come with no nicotine. When nicotine use is managed gradually, the dependence ceases. Late, you will have a choice to either quit smoking or continue using e-cigarettes.

Change of Flavors

Let us begin with classic cigarettes. Everybody knows how addictive cigarettes are. The user becomes hooked as the nicotine craving kicks in. This is a reason why there are not many flavors and types of cigarettes as e-liquids.

If you take a tour on epuffer, you will be shocked to see how many types of e-juices and e-cigs they have on sale. The varying kinds of flavors are because different smokers have different desires. E-cigarettes and vape mods have cartridges that allow users to switch flavors are they please.

Research and Studies

E-cigs haven’t been studied and researched extensively. Being a new product, health connoisseurs, and institutions are still in the process of understanding these products. Nonetheless, there is a lot of evidence verifying that they aren’t as addictive.

Several studies have shown that they are safer than classic cigarettes when it comes to health. A user can limit the use of electronic cigarettes to free time only, rather than feeling the desire to smoke randomly whenever a craving arises, unlike regular cigarettes.

Other studies show that smokers prefer using e-cigs because of the stigma associated with smoking, especially for women.


Initial lab-based and social studies support the debate that electronic cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes. From the findings shared in this article, using e-cigs gives users a chance to ease their addiction. Even though the research is not extensive, users have confirmed that e-cigarettes are better than classic cigarettes.