Ways to Avoid Overspending During a Trip, and the Financial Benefits of Bringing the Travel Berkey Water Filter

You already know that going on a trip could be costly. However, since it’s fun and exciting, you don’t mind the price tag. Besides, it’s something that you rarely do. Giving yourself a few days to take a break is worth it. Since you already spent a lot on the necessary expenses, you can’t afford to spend more. You will end up with tons of debts once your trip is over, and it’s regrettable. It might help if you bring the travel Berkey water filter with you. It allows you to stay safe since most tap water sources are unsafe. If you don’t drink tap water, you will keep buying bottled water.

Given the amount you already spent to make this trip happen, you have to find a way to reduce the expenses whenever possible. Bringing the water filter with you will reduce the need to purchase bottled water all the time. These are other important tips you need to remember if you want to avoid overspending during the trip.

Create a realistic budget

Make sure you have a clear budget that outlines the details of your expenses. Research every item carefully to create a realistic budget. It’s better to overestimate the cost than going the other way.

During the trip, print a huge checklist. You can track your expenses using this checklist. Sure, you can have it on your phone, but it’s still different when you hold a huge paper. You will be continuously reminded to stick with your budget.

Activate your online banking

Most online banking apps these days allow you to track your expenses. Each time you use your debit or credit card, it will be reflected on your account. You will then know how much you already spent, and warn yourself to stop when you’ve reached your limits. If you’re spending money in another country, you will get the instant conversion to your home currency, so it’s easier to visualize your overall spending.

Bring cash and cards 

Depending on your destination, you have to bring appropriate payment methods. In some countries, almost all cards aren’t acknowledged. You have to bring sufficient cash that will cover your expenses for the trip. Withdrawing money from a local ATM could also cost you a lot. The charges are overwhelming, and it does not even include the terrible conversion rates. However, it’s the other way for some countries. Bringing loads of cash might be unsafe. Given the threats of theft, you would rather take cards with you. They’re easier to keep and safeguard. However, if you still lose your wallet, including your cards, you should call your bank immediately. Cancel the card before someone else uses it.

The use of a debit or credit card should also be done cautiously. If you’re shopping for souvenirs, clothes, and jewelry, you should use your credit card. These items could be returned if you don’t like them. It’s easier to issue a refund if you used a credit card. It’s challenging if you use a debit card. However, if you run out of cash, and you really need to withdraw, a debit card is ideal. You will only be charged with the withdrawal fees and the conversion rate. There are no extra fees that might be reflected on your statement if you use a credit card.

Don’t overpack

Traveling lite these days is already a thing. If you will only stay at the destination for a couple of days, you can bring a few clothes. Leave everything else at home. Overpacking could lead to excess baggage in planes. You will spend more on these fees, and you didn’t account for them when budgeting. Besides, you might also purchase items during the trip, and you need sufficient space in your bag to keep them. If you didn’t include them when budgeting your baggage allowance, you would spend more.

Let go of souvenirs

Souvenirs are a terrible idea. If you want something to remember your trip by, you can have one for yourself. However, if someone else asks you to buy one for them, you should decline. You didn’t go on the trip for them. You did it for yourself and to bond with your family. Besides, will the souvenir really be useful for them? Why would they wear a shirt that reflects the name of a place they haven’t visited yet? Will they wear a cultural item from a country they know nothing about?  Unless they give you money to buy these souvenirs, you have to decline politely. If it’s their turn to travel, let them know that you won’t be asking for anything.

Get travel and health insurance

You might get ill during your trip, and the lack of comprehensive insurance could be a disaster. You need it to ensure that you can pay the hospital bills if necessary. You might also receive less attention if you can’t prove that you’re capable of paying the bills. With the current pandemic, you have more reasons to get comprehensive insurance. The good thing is that it’s easy to find one that you can afford to pay, and is sufficient for your entire trip.

Learn to control yourself

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your trip, but you have to be cautious not to get too caught up in the moment. For instance, if you have so much fun drinking, you end up spending a lot. When you’re in a shopping area, you also go beyond your budget. Therefore, you need to learn how to control yourself. You can’t let your emotions dictate your spending.

With these tips, you can have fun during your trip without going beyond the budget. Remember them on your next trip, so you avoid stressing out. You may also ask the people you know to help out if they have some tips about saving money during the trip. If they’re familiar with the place, they can give you quality advice.