Find Out Why Ido Fishman Recommends Spin Class

Cardiovascular health is really important. People resort to a variety of different ways in order to improve their heart health. Some choose swimming; others choose jogging, while there are people who like to do brisk walking as well. There is nothing inherently wrong with any of these forms of exercises. As a matter of fact, it would not be a far stretch to claim that they are great and will more than likely offer you excellent results. That being said, there are tons of other options too and one of them is going to spin class. 

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Ido Fishman has been a massive advocate of indoor cycling. He likes other forms of exercise as well such as weight training, cross fit, boxercise, and tons of other things. While all of them have been instrumental in keeping Ido in shape for a considerably long period, few exercises have helped him the way spin class has. In case you are wondering what the difference between spin class and indoor cycling is. They are one in the same. The only difference between the two is that people can do indoor cycling alone. However in spin class, there are usually groups of people who tend to exercise together. 

Spin Classes are Becoming More Popular

Back in the day, classes like these did not exist. People should consider themselves privileged that they have the luxury to attend these classes. What’s more is that this form of exercise is becoming popular by the day. People are quickly ditching their traditional methods of exercise in favor of spin class as the results so far have been outstanding. Ido Fishman himself attends spin class on a regular basis. He says that it works really well with weight training as it will help oxygenate your muscles will helping you lean out, making your muscles look more prominent. 

One of the biggest reasons why Ido is such a huge proponent of spin class is that it is safe in comparison to other forms of cardio. People often injure their tendons, ligaments, bones, and various other parts when jogging, running, or doing various other forms of cardio. Spin class, on the other hand, is as straight forward as it gets. All you have to do is sit down on a cycle and start cycling. It really is as simple as that, which is a big reason why quite a lot of elders are taking up indoor cycling. This does not mean in any way that spin class will not be useful for youngsters. As we discussed earlier, Ido has been attending spin classes ever since he was a teenager and plenty of high level celebrities and athletes attend it as well. Therefore, you should not have any excuse not to try this form of training. You will get hooked as soon as you start and will not want to resort to any other form of training ever again. 

An Injury Free Cardio Option

As we were discussing earlier, while most cardio options are seemingly safe, they do cause their fair share of injuries. While these injuries are quite rare, the long term impact of activities like running and jugging can take a toll on your knees. Attending spin class on the other hand is as safe as it gets. Not only do you get the chance to socialize with other individuals indoors, you also get to exercise in a risk and injury free environment which what everybody wants. What’s even more impressive about all of this is that spin class actually works. You will burn tons of extra calories and with consistency your body fat will reduce significantly, making you leaner and healthier. 

That being said, do not think that spin class is easy. Quite of people join it think that it is an easy way to exercise. However, it could not be any further away from the truth. Spin class can be very tough when it goes to advanced levels. Some trainers come up with unique challenges and tend to tinker with the pace to get your heart rate up. So, do not go in thinking that you are there for a fun and jolly time. Once you go through the first couple of weeks, the going gets really tough and challenging. However, if you approach this form of exercise with a positive mindset, nothing will stop you from achieving your fitness related goals. As mentioned earlier, Ido Fishman likes to combine his weight training with his spin class. He believes that it provides him the maximum benefit and allows him to stay in shape even as he grows older. 

It’s Never Too Late to Get Started

Do not think that you are too old or too young to attend spin class. It is perfect for people of all ages and provides them a risk-free option to achieve their fitness goals. Whether it is cardiovascular endurance, losing body fat, or simply finding a way to get active, spin class will help you with each of these things. Sure, you can get an indoor exercise bike and do all of it by yourself but where is the fun in that. It will get boring very quickly and you will interest in a very short period of time. 

Instead, you should try and join a spin class. They are relatively inexpensive and provide you excellent value for money in the long run by saving you trips to the doctor for health problems. Attending the classes regularly will help you get rid of a variety of different problems. All you need to do is be consistent and the results will start showing themselves. Ido Fishman also recommends everyone to consume a healthy diet along with their spin class schedule. It will maximize their results by tenfold and will make them fit in a very short period of time.