Five Advantages of Taking Yoga Online Through Glo

If you are like many others, you are looking to take yoga or meditation classes. However, you may feel nervous about signing up for a class at your local gym. Maybe you are worried about fitting the class into your schedule, or you may be worried about exercising in a group setting. Luckily, Glo makes it possible to take your classes without heading to the gym.

Glo was launched in 2007 by two brothers who want to make yoga accessible for as many people as possible. Their goal is to help others live a happier life through a variety of yoga, meditation and mat Pilates classes. The platform can be accessed through the official application or website, and the classes can be downloaded to any compatible device.

Here are five advantages of using Glo to take meditation or yoga online with your device.

Choose Your Classes

You can browse through a wide selection of classes on Glo. When you are ready to take yoga online, you may find First Time on the Mat, Slow and Stretchy or Natural Caffeine Flow to be an interesting class. If you are looking for meditation classes, consider Inner Sanctuary, Finding Peace or Simply Savasana. The platform even includes mat Pilates classes, such as Head To Toe Mobility, the Classical Pilates Challenge and Pilates Interval Training. You can choose a class based on the exercise, instructor, level and duration.

You Have Privacy When Exercising

Practicing yoga in a group setting is not for everyone, and you may prefer to practice your exercises in the privacy of your own home. You can easily practice your exercises at home with Glo. All you have to do is download the class to your device, find a comfortable spot and start your yoga online class. It is easier to focus on your stretches and postures when you are in a comfortable environment.

You Choose Your Location

You can practice yoga outside of your home without heading to the gym for a class. Your classes can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, which makes it easier to take your class from any location. If you want to take your classes outside, a park, garden, beach or trail may help you to feel at ease. A pair of headphones and your mobile device makes it easier to take a meditation class in a waiting room, cafeteria or work lounge.

You Create Your Schedule

When you sign up for meditation or yoga online with Glo, you have the freedom to create your own schedule. You may want to take a short class if you have time before or after work, or maybe you want to devote part of your day off to several classes. If you need to change your routine, you can add a different class to your schedule each day. You can also switch instructors if you want to learn from someone new, or you can take a one-week or two-week course with the same instructor.

Glo Offer A Free Trial

Another advantage of taking meditation or yoga online through Glo is being able to sign up for a free trial. It is actually recommended to sign up for the trial before the membership. This way, you can experience the classes before spending the money. The trial lasts for 15 days to give you enough time to try different classes. If you would like to continue taking online yoga and meditation classes with Glo, a membership is only $18 a month.

You can take control of your schedule, location and classes by signing up for yoga online with Glo.