Four Topics to Focus on When Interviewing a Personal Injury Attorney in Yuma

Every year, millions of people are injured in different types of accidents in Yuma. And those who have sustained injuries from these accidents are entitled to getting compensation for their injuries and damages. To increase your chances of getting a fair settlement or compensation, you must work with a yuma personal injury attorney. But, before you hire a personal injury lawyer, you must ask them some questions about your case. When interviewing an attorney, make sure to focus on the following aspects:

The Kind of Personal Injury They Specialize In

By choosing a lawyer who specializes in the kind of personal injury you are suffering from, you have confidence that the lawyer knows your situation and can help you build a strong case. An attorney with years of winning cases similar to yours knows exactly what they are doing and can get you the best outcome possible. 

Their Billing Practices

Before you hire an attorney, ensure all the billing practices are laid out and in writing.  A lot of attorneys who handle personal injury cases charge their clients on a contingency basis. Thus, they just take a percentage of the compensation amount you will get. If you choose this charging option, make sure to know how much the percentage is.

Their Experience in Handling a Case Like Yours

Ensure the attorney has represented a case like yours before. Ideally, they should have won this previous case and their past clients got the award they were due. Also, you will want a lawyer with a track record of positive outcomes for their clients. A good attorney can provide you with statistics about how often they have won cases and the specific kinds of cases they have won.

Their Willingness to Communicate with You

Your personal injury attorney in Yuma is probably handling other cases aside from yours, so you don’t want to interfere with their other business. However, you will also want to feel comfortable approaching them about any progress on your case. That is why you must ask the attorney about how often you will expect to communicate and when you must reach out to ask them a question about your case.