Gabriel Patterson, Winnipeg Health Advocate Shares Five Easy Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol

High cholesterol can lead to health issues such as heart disease or even a stroke. If your blood test results indicate that you have high cholesterol, your doctor might prescribe medication to control it. You can also do these five things to lower your cholesterol. 

Relax and Unwind

Gabriel Patterson, Winnipeg wellness coach stated “stress can cause your cholesterol level to shoot up. Take the time to relax every day. You can do activities such as yoga, meditation, or reading a book.” If work is stressing you out, consider taking a day or two of rest to unwind at home and not think about responsibilities. 

Turn to Olive Oil

Consider using more olive oil instead of butter in your dishes. Olive oil can help reduce your cholesterol levels and increases healthy fats in your body. If you need something spreadable for your toast, there are vegetable spreads that contain olive oil. 

More Fish and Fiber

Soluble fiber helps prevent your body from soaking in cholesterol. When you fill up on fiber-rich foods, you will feel full quicker and not need to snack on unhealthy treats later. Some healthy foods with fiber include apples, beans, and oatmeal. 

Try switching out some red meat with fish. Red meat is high in unhealthy saturated fats while fish is high in omega-3 fats, which are healthy for the body. With any diet change, incorporate fiber and fish slowly to reduce bloating or cramping. 

Move More

Exercising thirty minutes each day can reduce your cholesterol levels. There is no need to start with a rigorous routine. Find an activity you enjoy and start slow. Do about ten minutes of exercise at a time. You can increase your activity time when you feel comfortable. 

No Trans Fats

There is a reason why the FDA is working to remove trans fats from foods. It increases your cholesterol levels and puts you at risk for heart disease. When you go grocery shopping, keep an eye out for the term “partially hydrogenated oil” on food labels. That is another term for trans fats. Trans fats are in junk foods such as fried food and desserts, so it is best to avoid those when you can. 

In Conclusion

Having high cholesterol is not a life sentence,” said Gabriel Patterson, Winnipeg Health Coach It can be easily managed by making some lifestyle changes and watching what you eat. Slowly incorporate these changes into your life and experience the health benefits that come from them.