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Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico – 9 Things You Should Know

If you are planning to get your surgery of gastric sleeve done in Mexico, some important things that you should be aware of are as follows:

  1. Safety of the surgery in Mexico: Bariatric surgery in Mexico is safe. Most of the hospitals are accredited to perform weight loss surgery and even though some clinics lack such accreditations, they are well equipped and renowned for such surgeries.
  2. Perks of gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico: The surgery is economic when compared to the charges in the US or Canada. The hospitals are generally located in vacation destinations to provide a relaxed environment for the patient to heal.
  3. Minimizing travel-related issues: It is always better to keep 2 or 3 days of buffer time while traveling to Mexico. While there one should prefer bottled waters to avoid stomach upset. When returning, the patient should take steps to prevent deep vein thrombosis.
  4. Cost of surgery: The low administrative cost and focus on patient care have resulted in the low cost of bariatric surgery in Mexico. It is around 3 times cheaper when compared to the cost in the US.
  5. Choosing a surgeon: While choosing a doctor you can either partner with a local doctor or surf through the internet to find a renowned and experienced one.
  6. Medical insurance: It is important as it covers the risk of expensive medical situations.
  7. Steps to successful weight loss: The combination of doctor, hospital service, operation type, etc form the steps for a successful bariatric surgery. It is important to consult a local physician to keep a track of the weight loss or other complication that may develop after the surgery.
  8. Patient community and expert advice: If you need to go through the experiences of other patients and queries, you must visit the online websites of patient community centers or as for expert consultation advice.
  9. Finding a surgeon: One can ask for free quotations and later on contact the doctor over phone or video call.