Gender Determining of your baby Now

It is natural that pregnant women are curious to know the sex of the baby. A very common question is when it would be possible to see fetal sex on ultrasound. Find out a little more about that in this article. Now you can know your baby’s gender.

  • In the country, the desire of pregnant women to discover fetal sex is very common. So everyone wants to know when it is possible to see the baby’s sex by ultrasound. Unfortunately, there is no answer for all pregnant women. Identifying the baby’s sex depends on a number of factors. For example, fetal position can make it difficult or impossible to identify sex at gestational ages where it would normally be easy to identify sex. Currently we know that until the 12th week of pregnancy the diagnosis of sex is inaccurate and after the 13th week of pregnancy it can reach 99 to practically 100% of correctness.

Obviously, the gestational age tables vary from population to population. Thus, it is preferable to use the size of the fetus (not the gestational age) to say when it is possible to identify the fetal sex. Fetuses over 72 mm that are in a good position and when the image is clear, it allows to identify the fetal sex with a chance of success close to 100%.

How does the doctor know the sex of the baby?

At 13 weeks it is possible to identify the baby’s sex by the position of the genital tubercle. The genital tubercle will give rise to the penis in boys and the clitoris in girls. The position of the tubercle in girls is very horizontal (parallel to the spine) while in boys it is vertical (perpendicular to the spine), as shown in the image below.

Baby Gender – Genital Tuber Position

Below is a slightly more worked image of the fetal genitalia to show the difference between boys and girls (it is not always so clear on ultrasound!). And don’t be fooled, the fetus’ heart rate does not allow sex to be determined.

Did you see? You don’t have to eat chocolate for the baby to show sex

If, at an angle of 30 °, you tend to be a boy, if you are straight in relation to the spine, more chance of being a girl. To interpret it is necessary that the baby’s genitalia is on its side or facing. How many weeks can you tell the sex of the baby this way? Some more trained or professional eyes can identify sex even in the 12th week with a bottom-up ultrasound, an angle of the baby sitting inside the womb.

Back images are more complicated to unravel the baby’s sex. A good trick for anyone thinking about having a hunch even at 12 weeks of pregnancy or even later, is to eat chocolate 20 minutes before the exam. With the chocolate the baby will be agitated enough to open his legs and show himself to the doctor.

Heartbeat method

The baby’s heart has a higher frequency than the heart of adults. The little hearts beat faster in order to supply your body’s oxygenation. However, the belief goes that if the beats are above 150 beats per minute (measured on an ultrasound) the baby’s sex is female, if less male.