Geoff Fraser Melbourne and His Ongoing Support for Autism Charities

Statistics have proven that one in 59 children are diagnosed with ASD – autism spectrum disorder. Over 1,000 cases of this condition are diagnosed in the state of Minnesota alone every year. As a result, more families and individuals than ever before have been touched and affected by this condition. Even though the prevalence and occurrence of autism spectrum disorder are still growing, there are many people who still know very little about this condition.

While this is true, there are many individuals, including Geoff Fraser Melbourne who has put time, effort, and money toward this cause, helping to research the condition and find viable ways to help individuals and families not only survive but thrive. Keep reading to learn more about autism here.

Autism Explained

Autism is a type of lifelong brain disorder that makes it difficult for children to interact or communicate with other people. Children who have ASD may fall behind when it comes to certain developmental milestones or they may lose certain social or speaking skills.

Those with autism may also have a hard time forming friendships and relationships and it may take them much longer to process a conversation they are involved in. Some find that repeated behaviours, such as rocking or flapping their hands and arms, comforting. Keep in mind that each person with autism is completely unique from the others. The reason that it is referred to as autism spectrum disorder is that most people will experience a range of symptoms and different severities.

Signs of autism may occur when a child is just a few months old. It could not appear until the child is much older. Some children could show signs of ASD but may not have the condition. This is why having a child evaluated if the condition is suspected, is so essential.

The Growing Cases of ASD

Some people wonder why more children than ever before have been diagnosed with this condition. One of the main reasons is because there are now improved ways to identify the situation than there was in the past. Since doctors and parents are now more knowledgeable about the condition, what it is, and how to properly diagnose it, autism awareness has grown significantly.

Getting Help for Families Dealing with Autism

Today, there are more organizations than ever before that are designed with the sole purpose of helping individuals and families who are dealing with autism. For individuals who are in this situation, they should reach out to these organizations for resources, counselling, and support groups. There are also an array of innovative treatments and options to help individuals and their families thrive, even if autism is present.

Also, there are countless people who are supporting these causes to ensure they can continue to grow and succeed. These are the unsung heroes of this world, and provide the funding needed to learn more about the condition and how to ensure those with autism and their families are not only surviving through the world but thriving in life.