Getting Rid of Acne Scars and Acne Marks: Should You Use Different Treatment Procedures?

Different people seek treatment for acne scars and acne marks for different reasons. Some do it because the presence of the scars and marks affects them emotionally. For others, it’s an opportunity to regain their natural and beautiful skin appearances. Now that there are so many treatments for acne scars and marks, it may make you wonder if you can combine them (what’s often referred to as we combination therapy). Well, the short answer is YES in reference to the following scenarios:

  1. Different Non-Invasive Treatments Can Be Done on the Same Day

In most cases, home remedies like coconut oil, turmeric, raw honey, and aloe vera are preferred when it comes to topical treatments for acne scars. These remedies are strong against acne marks but very gentle on your skin. So, you can combine two or more treatments on the same day.

However, you have to apply one remedy at a time and allow it to act before you can apply the next. Some home remedies actually work better in combinations than separately. A good example is turmeric-lemon juice mixture. The mixture is more effective when the two ingredients are combined in equal parts and used as one than when used separately.

  1. Different Invasive Treatments Can Be Done on Different Days

If you opt for invasive procedures like dermal fillers, laser techniques, and micro-needling, you should know that you can’t combine them at ago. However, you can try all of them at different times. For example, if you decide to do microneedling, you can only do laser technique if it fails. So, you have to give microneedling some time to avoid any serious negative effects.

  1. Combination Therapy Can Be Done to Boost the Outcome of Your Treatment and to Reduce the Number of Sessions

When going for a particular treatment for acne scars and acne marks, you should know that it’s never a one-time procedure. Simply put, one session is never enough to satisfactorily get rid of the marks. Therefore, you may have to do several sessions which can be expensive. The good news, however, is that you can reduce the number of sessions if you combine different compatible treatments for acne scars. For example, your dermatologist may recommend different chemical peeling treatments like glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and trichloroacetic acid (TCA) in combination to improve the outcome and to lower the number of applications.

  1. An Adjunctive Treatment Can Be Added to the Primary Treatment to Improve the Efficacy of the Primary Treatment

To improve the efficacy of the primary treatment, many dermatologists go for this option when they feel like the treatment requires a boost. For example, a dermatologist may recommend a suction technique as an adjunctive technique after doing the laser technique. In this case, the suction does not interfere with the performance of the laser technique but only improves it.

As seen from the above scenarios, it’s allowed to use different treatment procedures against acne scars and acne marks. However, with combination therapy, you can speed up removal process. But still, it’s important to verify that your preferred combination therapy is safe. You can inquire about this from your dermatologist.