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Greater Options for the Best Protection of Your Prostate

The prostate is a gland in man that has the function of helping to nourish sperm for reproduction. From the age of 40, it begins to grow at different speeds and this can lead to the most varied degrees of symptoms, which are not necessarily directly related to its size.

This growth, in general, is benign and is part of man’s nature. However, it is still a nuisance and needs follow-up.

The expert reveals some tips for living well with the prostate, especially for those who already suffer from symptoms related to the growth of this gland, such as weak jet, feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder, increased urination frequency, urgency to urinate and pain in the lower abdomen during urination. The right prostate support can be useful there.

Avoid rapid bladder filling

This occurs most of the time due to abrupt ingestion of large volumes of liquids, such as beer. Because the bladder is a muscle, its rapid distension causes its contraction to lose efficiency, resulting in urination with a weaker jet and, in extreme cases, urinary retention (inability to urinate).

Avoid long periods without urinating

Holding urine for long periods can, due to muscle overdistension, end in difficult urination or even urinary retention. Many people have already experienced the unpleasant sensation of bad urination, after spending a long time holding the urge to urinate and with a large filling of the bladder, for example, on a trip. This is due to the stretching of the muscle fibers of the bladder, which temporarily decrease its ability to contract.

Avoid nasal decongestants

Most of these drugs have a vasoconstrictor in their composition that acts on receptors similar to those that exist in the prostate capsule and at the exit of the bladder. The activation of these receptors makes it difficult to pass urine. In young people, this effect may be imperceptible, but in those who already have some degree of symptom of prostate growth, its effects may be greater.

Flu care

A large part of these compounds sold in pharmacies contain substances similar to nasal decongestants and, for the same reason, make urination worse.

Attention to compounds and formulas

Compounds and formulas to increase sports performance may have compounds derived from ephedrine, a substance that acts on the receptors of the prostate capsule and the bladder outlet, as well as anti-flu and nasal decongestants.

Know the prostate hyperplasia

Virtually every man will have to deal with it. Having a reliable urologist can be the first step. Knowing the natural history of the disease will help to define the ideal time for treatment.

Get health check-up

Getting ahead of problems is often the best solution.