Guide For Vaping And Its Types

Smoking is injurious to health. It is necessary to find an alternative to smoking cigarettes. Vaping requires proper research work and learning even for the people who have been into smoking for a long time now. Vaping machines are also known as E-cigarettes. The purpose of these vape machines is to deliver nicotine inside through inhaling the smoke but without the use of tobacco and or harmful chemicals.

What is vaping

It is the inhaling of vapor from a vaping device that is powered by a battery and a flavored liquid filled inside a cartridge like a printer but the smaller one containing nicotine. When activated, the flavored liquid turns into vapor and then inhaled.

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Types of vaping devices –

There are three main categories for vaping devices or e-cigarettes

  • Disposables
  • Pen mods
  • Mechanical mods
  1. Disposable e-cigarettes-

If you are finding any cheapest and extensively available devices then you can go for it. These are like cigarettes as they have the same amount as cigarettes. These machines are of two types, either comes with the disposable machine or a replaceable cartridge that contains flavors. The downside is that the build quality is very poor, and the battery doesn’t last long.

  1. Pen mods-

These are made up of the same materials but have swappable components like we can replace each part of the pen mods such as tanks, tips, and coils. This device is more powerful than the disposable cigarettes as it produces more vapor and flavor. They have a rechargeable battery, and their battery life is much longer than the disposable ones. We can change this from USB cords as they have a universal charging port.

  1. Box mods-

These mods give you the option to customize your vaping device according to your needs. You can change the tank, coil, and other hardware parts. These are larger than pen and disposable modes as they have the larger battery and more wiring and circuitry to make them more powerful hit. They come with more advanced features such as displays and can change the temperature and wattage. These are expensive devices and require regular maintenance.

How to vape-

Unlike cigarettes, before your first draw, you should heat the coil by quickly inhaling the vape. This process is known as primer puff, and it set your coil to the required temperature. And now your vaping machine is ready to smoke, take the puff slowly and exhaling it. It is a similar process, like any other smoking.


Vaping is smoking, but without harmful chemicals and tobacco, so it is less harmful. It is considered as less polluting as no harmful smoke is produced during vaping, but as we are inhaling nicotine, which downs your nervous system. It can be considered as the best alternative to smoking cigarettes.