Hair Transplant in Istanbul 

Hair transplant in Istanbul is carried out successfully with today’s most modern techniques. Hair transplantation is the placement of follicles taken from donor area in the bald area. This is a surgical operation. 

The procedure is performed with live follicles taken from the patient. You can’t use another donor’s follicles. Fortunately, most people affected by androgenetic alopecia also remain hair in the occipital and temporal region. Hair in this region can be used for hair transplantation because it is resistant to loss even in old age.

Is hair transplantation the solution?

Hair transplantation against balding is one of the most effective solutions. Drugs like finasteride and minoxidil – combined with cosmetics and numerous various supplements – can only provide some improvement in follicles but after a certain point it will not be enough.

Hair transplantation can be considered a definite but not completely decisive treatment, as transplanted bulbs preserve the typical life cycle of the deprivation zone, which we remember genetically resistant to alopemas. In fact, the causes that trigger baldness are determined first. It is then the doctor’s duty to direct each patient to the most appropriate treatments and treatments for each case.

Development of Hair Transplantation Techniques

Modern hair transplantation techniques have their roots in the mid-1950s. At the time, scars and obvious unnatural consequences could occur.

Since then, surgical techniques have been continuously improved. Until a few years ago, the most popular intervention was to cut a scalp strip from the occipital (sofa) area immediately under the microscope and transfer it in the form of a micrograft in the area to be vaccinated. In this way hair transplantation scars along with quite natural aesthetic results. Compared to previous times, the side effects have decreased.

Thanks to micromotors, follicles containing one or four hair follicles from the donor area were removed. This technique is called FUE, “Follicular Unit Extraction”. High density hair transplantation called “Micro FUE” is achieved, which uses small tools to make it less invasive and without leaving any scars.

The implant, which is more noticeable than in the past, is guided to monitor the natural growth and order of hair thanks to the micrograft. The result is very natural and there are no permanent scars. Therefore, hair transplantation by experienced hands – today more than ever – is a more effective and more accessible solution than in the past.

The same techniques used for hair transplantation are also used to correct scars in various body parts. It is used in all these cases where hairless areas in the beard area and eyebrows are thinning or falling.

Surgical Stage

Hair transplantation is a real surgery performed only by doctors specializing in the field. Surgical operation is performed under local anesthesia. It is not painful and thanks to the latest micrograft techniques the results are usually satisfactory and the side effects are limited.

By visiting your dokor before the operation, the condition of your hair and the future after the operation are determined. Sensitivity and meticulousness during surgery are also important for achieving a beautiful aesthetic result. Remember that hair transplantation surgery is a delicate operation. Therefore, there is no need to create excessive or unrealistic expectations about the final outcome.

Make sure you ask your cosmetic surgeon at the hair transplantation center all the questions you have in mind. Hair transplant in Istanbul is much more modern and experienced than its peers in this regard. For this reason, Istanbul is the most suitable center for hair transplantation in Europe.

Operation Time

The duration of hair transplantation depends on the size of the area to be retaken. If this area is expanded on average, the intervention is performed in a single session of approximately 6-7 hours. Your will have some tests before hair transplantation surgery at hospital. The first washing process is performed by the nurses at the hair transplantation center on the day after surgery.


Since sown hair needs time to grow (1 centimeter per month), aesthetic results can be fully appreciated after only a few months. This will provide a multi-stage change in the image over time.

Hair planted during transplantation grows regularly, quite similar to natural hair. During the treatment process, washing and screening procedures should be done carefully. During this process, you will have a natural appearance much more quickly when you follow your doctor’s advice.

Hair Transplantation Cost

The cost of hair transplantation depends on a number of factors such as:

The size of the area to be implanted;

The type of technique used;

The total duration of the intervention;

The possibility of reinstatement some time after first responders.

In addition, the price of hair transplant in Istanbul can vary greatly depending on the surgeon performing the surgery and the structure he works on.

However, the cost of a hair transplant in a medium-range area can range from 2000 to 2500 euros.