Heart chakra and its impact

You might be aware that there are 7 chakras in our body and the prana or life energy flows through them. When these chakras are in balance and harmony, we experience well-being and are able o function effectively. The heart chakra or the Anahata chakra is located in the center of the body around the chest region. It is responsible for the feelings of compassion love and affection.

The role that heart chakra plays in your life

 The psychological and behavioral aspects that are associated with the heart chakra include

  • The capacity to transcend the limitations of the ego and personal identity
  • Act as a bridge between earthly and spiritual goals. The heart chakra has an integrative role to play.
  • Heart chakra helps to connect with all and opens you up to give and receive unconditional love.
  • It helps you to appreciate the beauty in all things around you
  • It helps create a deep and meaningful relationship
  • It enhances the capacity to make heart-centered judgments.
  • Heart chakra bestows you the capacity to love.

The heart chakra is the fourth chakra and is considered as the chakra that integrates the lower three chakras related to earthly matters and the higher three chakras that are aimed higher aspirations as if they are not separate energies. The integration happens harmoniously and effortlessly if the heart chakra is open.

What happens when the heart chakra is blocked?

 Life becomes a struggle with the blocked heart chakra. It can affect relationships and you cease to appreciate the beauty in things around you. it becomes hard for you to give and receive love. The emotional changes that happen which result in physical ailments and unfavorable environment changes as well.

Signs that indicate an imbalance in the heart chakra

 The signs that clearly show that the heart chakra is in imbalance or blocked include

  • Getting into overdefensive mode
  • Closing down your feelings and emotions
  • Looking for others approval and attention in whatever you do and trying to please them by all means
  • Tendency for victimization
  • Acting like a rescuer or a savior
  • Jealousy
  • Fear of getting into intimate relationships
  • Holding on to past grudges
  • Being unable to forgive
  • Dwelling on a past relationship that failed
  • Finding it difficult to trust people especially in a love relationship
  • Bottling up your emotions
  • Procrastinating the idea of getting into a relationship
  • Holding on to gloomy past in which you were hurt
  • Feeling anxious and stressed always

On a physical level, the blocked heart chakra manifests in the form of either respiratory problems such as bronchitis or infection of the lung. Alternatively, it might also affect the circulatory system leading to heart-related issues.

Dealing with blocked chakras

You can unblock the heart chakra and foster heart chakra healing by following a few simple practices that are considered to be effective such as

  • Practicing breathing exercises that can help you balance the heart chakra you can take the guidance off the experts to practice this.
  • Cultivating the habit of appreciating beauty be it in nature, people or any artform
  • Using yoga especially yoga poses that are recommended for opening the heart area
  • Focussing on self -care and loving and pampering your body with a good bath using essential oil. Rose essential oil is believed to be very effective to open up the heart chakra.
  • Practice self- acceptance and self- compassion
  • Spend time on activities that give you satisfaction
  • Practice forgiveness until it comes from deep within your heart
  • Express gratitude for having been provided with good people in your life and things that are making your life easier and happier.

You may also use the other therapeutic techniques like Reiki, meditation, etc to speed up heart chakra healing process and lead a life of love and compassion. This is essential for your spiritual growth as well.