Here’s why hiring a workers’ compensation attorney in Richmond is important!

Unfortunately, you were injured at the workplace. Regardless of your fault, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, which also means that you cannot sue your employer directly. While you may file a claim to get the compensation that you deserve, things may not move as smoothly as you expect. There are many cases, where the claim of a victim is denied or delayed, and worse, they may be offered a compensation amount that’s lower than what they deserve. Your best bet is to work with an experienced Richmond workers’ compensation attorney, who can fight on your behalf and protect your rights. Here are some solid reasons on why you definitely need a lawyer.  

  1. Understand your case better. Sometimes, the risks of a workplace may not be evident, and one such risk may have been responsible for the accident that caused injuries. They will help you know the case better and establish a connection between the actual accident and your injuries. 
  2. Find about your compensation. How much compensation do you really deserve? Your workers’ compensation attorney can help you understand that. For instance, your injuries may not be very apparent right away, but may impact your physical wellbeing in the long run. Your lawyer will determine the extent of damages, so that you can get the compensation you deserve. 
  3. Fight against your employer, where needed. In some cases, an employer may take retaliatory action against an employee who has complained, or may choose to not report your injury. In such cases, you need a lawyer, who can fight the battle against your employer. 
  4. For negotiation with the insurance company. Insurance companies, unfortunately, are not willing to entertain large claims, and in many cases, they will adhere to tactics that will reduce their financial liability. You need an attorney to discuss and negotiate your workers’ compensation settlement better. 
  5. Know about third-party liability claim. Depending on the accident, you may have a third-party liability claim, and your attorney will help you with that. An attorney will determine the course of action, as the case demands. 

Final word

Most workers’ compensation attorneys work on a contingency basis, so they will only get paid if they settle the matter. Don’t shy away from asking questions when it comes to hiring an attorney and do discuss the possible outcomes, because you would want the compensation to be worth the fight!