How beneficial is gastric sleeve
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How beneficial is gastric sleeve?

Sleeve gastrectomy or gastric sleeve surgery is the process in which 15 percent of the stomach is decreased. Like other bariatric surgeries, gastric sleeve lowers the appetite of the patient. Since the patient is left with a small tummy, he/she might feel fuller even after eating a minimal amount of food. Visit a renowned medical facility for gastric sleeve surgery in El Paso if you are the right candidate.

In this procedure, the surgeons use a laparoscope. A lot of incisions are created during the surgery for inserting the laparoscope. Gastric sleeve surgery is an irreversible process; it is a permanent solution for obese patients. The patients who have undergone this surgery usually lose more than 55 percent of their total weight.

Advantages of sleeve gastrectomy

  1.  The digestive system is not affected by the gastric sleeve. You may experience normal digestion.
  2. You do not have to get anxious about nutritional deficiencies as the small intestine is not re-routed.
  3. There will be zero possibility of dumping syndrome after your gastric sleeve surgery in El Paso.
  4. As compared to other bariatric surgeries like duodenal switch surgery, or gastric bypass surgery, it is a less-complicated process.
  5. The surgeon will not insert a gastric band in your system.
  6. Gastric sleeve is considered as the safest weight loss surgery according to medical research.
  7. One of the major benefits of gastric sleeve surgery is that it not only aids the patients in reducing weight, but it can even improve other obesity-associated issues such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, and type 2 diabetes.

Focus on the right food during post-gastric sleeve surgery

After your gastric sleeve surgery, it is compulsory to follow a strict diet from day one. You have to eat according to the capacity of your new stomach. Take suggestions from your doctor or dietician regarding what you can eat in the post-operative period.

Try to chew the food completely and stop eating if you feel full. Consume 6 meals in small quantities in a day rather than three large meals. Ask the specialist whether you can take dietary supplements or not. Keep the body hydrated for rapid revival. It would be great if you drink 1.5 litres of liquids daily. Do not eat too much; you might get sick.

Wrapping up

Apart from changing eating habits, it is vital to change your lifestyle too. We hope that you gained all the valid information about the advantages of gastric sleeve.