Everyone likes having freshwater inside their water storage tank. But not everyone has the energy to do what must be done to keep your water fresh inside a tank. To keep your water fresh inside a water storage tank, you need to settle down and clean it when water goes terrible due to bacteria and algae’s formation. When that happens, you need to empty your tank, get inside and clean it as your life depends on it. This way, you always end up having freshwater because your tank would always be clean.

This article would be explaining ways you can adequately keep water fresh inside your water tank. To do this properly, you need to make use of the following steps.

List of ways you can keep water fresh inside a water tank.

  1. It would help if you drained your water tank

If your water tank is enormous, you need to flush the water inside over time at a place that would not make your surroundings dirty or wrong. If your tank is dry, it would be way more effective, and the result would look quite lovely. Make sure you make use of a wet vac or a pump to get rid of all remaining water that is inside the tank after draining. You could also make use of a towel to wash away all moistures that remain.

  1. You can adequately scrub inside the tank

This is very important as you clean your tank. You need to get rid of all the slime, slit, or dirt that might have accumulated on your tank walls. There are power washers that serve as excellent tools for this job. Some tanks never allow room enough for you to get in and scrub properly. If you do not have a power washer, you could make use of stiff-bristled brushes. Then get a mop that has a handle that you can adjust. Pi could make use of any cleaning tool that you’ll easily apply at angles. The general idea here is for you to reach all tank corners. It would help if you delivered enough energy to get rid of the dirt properly.

  1. Rinse your tank

Use cold water to get rid of the dirty water gathered all through your scrubbing process. You do not need to be thorough in this process.

  1. Bleach the interior part of your water tank

You could use a bleach solution. For a gallon of water, use a tablespoon of bleach. This would help you properly scrub your tank interior. Make sure you wear eye protection and disposable gloves because those bleaches are potentially dangerous. You could use your hands, but you should try your best to reach all the tank parts. A pressure washer works very well for this job. You could make use of a floor mop that has an adjustable handle. Use anything that works very well for you.

  1. Allow your solution to sit correctly.

To disinfect your tank very well, you need to allow the bleach solution to sit for at least two hours. This would help in getting rid of all stubborn bacteria. This would also get rid of microbial contaminants like algae.

  1. Rinse out your tank

After you have left the bleach to perform its work, rinse everything out. It would help if you are thorough because bleach is dangerous. It would help if you made sure no bleach is left hanging because you could end up drinking this water. You could run some of his solutions through your water pipes. Make sure you use hot water for a more substantial effect. It would help if you kept rinsing till you can’t find any soap bubbles anymore.

  1. Measure your levels of chlorine

For you to be sure absolutely that there’s no bleach available in the system, make use of chlorine test strips to see if there’s no bleach available in the supply lines. If you notice nominal levels, then you can go to the last step. If the amount of chlorine is high, then you need to go back and keep rinsing till the levels reduce.

  1. It’s time to refill your tank

After you’ve washed it with all your might, you are sure you can adequately keep freshwater inside at this point. Then you refill it. Make sure you keep portable drinking water inside. And that is, you’re done.

That’s it; this way, you’re sure of always having spotless freshwater inside your water tank.