How Do I Get Back Into Figure Skating After A Long Break?

Heard of Gracie Gold, a prominent figure skater who knows what it feels to undergo mental health issues? If not, she has a very touching story about her figure skating journey and the setback she has faced.

Gracie Gold is a figure skating goddess. Speaking to the Olympic Channel Podcast, she states that at first, figure skating was just a hobby. Before she knew it, it became her full-time job. She loved the way things were unfolding in her life. To her, skating was everything. But that was before the nightmare started.

In 2014 and 2016, she was the crown bearer of 2 United States National titles, not to mention the bronze medal she attained at Sochi 2014 event. Shockingly, with all the success, she was slowly sinking in depression, eating disorder and anxiety. That was in 2017, August. Despite all the hurdles, Gracie Gold got back to competitive skating (of course, after recovering). She has a future in Skating indeed. 

Just like Gracie, you may have quitted skating for reasons well known to you, and you really want to come back. But is it possible? To your advantage, you can consider getting back into figure skating and succeed. Learn these tips on how to go about it;


  • Prepare physically and mentally


Everything we do all starts in the mind before it reflects physically. So you should be mentally prepared to get back into figure skating. You do that by staying in touch with figure skating updates, research stories of successful skaters. Also, you can read how skaters who quit catch up with the rest after resuming.

You can consider looking for coaches, figure skating rinks within your region and time of practice. Ensure you create time in your schedule to have a private lesson, group lesson, individual practice, and everything. 


  • Look for quality figure skating tools


Before you start again, you need quality ice skating boots or even blade design. Whether or not to use your old skates should be out of the question. To succeed, you must invest in the best figure skating boots. For instance, those from the Riedell industry. In short, it’s not all about returning. It should be a momentous return. This time you have to make a difference.

Always remember that figure skates determine whether you succeed or not. Yet, they are not the only figure skating tools you will need. So, you must own a good quality pair.


  • Get trained by competent coaches 


Now that you have been away for long, you will need some training. The training should be exceptional.  So, you must ensure that you find the right coach. One who has the skills to handle both a newbie and a professional ice skater?


  • Take nothing by chance 


Maybe you had gone too far with your ice skating routine, but that does not mean you should not start from the basics. After you quit, you may have forgotten so many things. So, if you are asked by your trainer to do things you consider too basic in your case, just do them as instructed. Soon you will at the top again.