How do I get the most out of my vape juice?

Switched to e-cigarettes but not getting the most out of your vape? Established e-liquid suppliers, Cloudstix, can help you to find the perfect sweet spot.  allowing you to enjoy huge vapour clouds and great flavours from trendy, high-tech devices in one exhale.

Whether you’ve been vaping for a while and don’t feel like you’re enjoying the same flavour  you’re used to, or your e-liquid isn’t living up to expectations, here are 8 things that can help you to get the most out of vaping:

  1. Know how your e-cigarette works

One of the most important things you need to do whether you’re a vaping beginner or an advanced vaper using a new device, is to understand exactly how it works.

Every e-cigarette is different. Some are narrow – some big. Some are made for thick e-liquids whilst others are for thin. Knowing how to take your e-cigarette apart, clean it and put it all back together is key to ensuring your e-cig, and e-juice, last longer – and don’t leak!

  1. Change coils

When your e-liquid loses its taste, it’s time to replace the coil. Regular vapers who use VG (Vegetable Glycerine) e-liquids will find that they need to change the coil weekly for the best vape experience, whereas less frequent vapers might only need to change it monthly.

Not replacing spent coils will give a dry, hot taste to your vape and could cause problems with your e-cig device – be it a gurgling sound or e-liquid leaking into the battery.

  1. Change wicking material

The wicking material can make the difference between a good vape and a great vape as it affects the flavour of the e-liquid.

In the past, silica was the standard wick material, but vapers found that it dulled the flavour and made it less enjoyable. This led to cotton wicks becoming increasingly more popular – especially Japanese cotton – for its clean flavour and ability to wick efficiently.

  1. Keep your equipment clean

Cleaning your e-cigarette shouldn’t take too long. You can easily disassemble it and rinse the glass atomiser with warm water to maximise the flavour of your e-liquid. It can then be left to air dry or dried using a kitchen towel.

The battery case of your device will also need cleaning to keep it clear of leaked juice and debris.

  1. Tighten everything up

The last thing you want to see is e-juice spilling out of the bottom or sides of your e-cig vaporiser. When you take your e-cig apart, make sure you reassemble everything correctly before pouring in your favourite e-cig juice to ensure you don’t waste a drop!

  1. Switch flavours

Most e-liquids contain PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerine), food-grade flavourings and nicotine. The great thing with e-liquids in the UK is that you have a plethora of options to choose from – and the best e-liquid is subjective to individual taste.

Cloud chasers tend to opt for VG e-liquids as they produce a lot of vapour – but at the expense of flavour. PG e-liquids produce smaller clouds but give more flavour. A 50/50 e-liquid strikes the happy medium.

If you’ve been vaping for some time and stuck to the same flavour, you may want to branch out and try something new. You can find an extensive range of flavours ready to tantalise your taste buds from Cloudstix – try aniseed, bubble gum, coffee, fruity, menthol or tobacco flavoured e-cig juice, to name just a few.

  1. Fine tune flavours

If your e-liquid has lost its specialness, it’s worth experimenting with different flavours until you find something that satisfies your palate and nicotine cravings.

Mixing some of your favourites together will prevent you from getting bored with the flavours. Cloudstix supply flavourless e-liquid too which can be combined with any other e-juice to lighten the intensity of strong flavours.

  1. Keep hydrated

E-juice is a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking, however, constantly vaping can cause dehydration which in turn will encourage you to vape even more.

To fully savour every puff and get the most out of the flavour and clouds, it’s important to stay hydrated.

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