How do Waist Trainers Work

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram, chances are, you’ve seen someone wearing a waist trainer. There are more than a million posts hashtagged to waist training on the social media site, after all.

Now that you’ve seen them — and the hourglass figures they create — you’ve started to wonder, how do waist trainers work? Here’s everything you should know before investing in a waist trainer of your own.

How Do Waist Trainers Work? 

Waist trainers aim to whittle the area between the hips and the ribcage. They do so by toning the abdominals as well as the obliques.

A flat tummy and toned obliques create an even more defined hourglass shape.

Now, you might think this sounds an awful lot like a corset and, of course, it is. Nowadays, most people wear corsets for one of two reasons. They either need more back and posture support post-pregnancy, or they wear one to sweat more while they work out.

A waist trainer combines these two goals.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Waist Trainer? 

Clearly, carving out a waistline is a great benefit of wearing a waist trainer. Putting one on will instantly create the silhouette you want. You can find waist trainers to buy to create an instant hourglass through this post.

Some people lose weight when they wear a waist trainer over an extended period. It makes sense, considering that the accessory can cause you to sweat more. Others say that the trainer’s tightness makes them feel fuller for longer, so they eat less throughout the day and whittle a waist that way.

Of course, even those who sell waist trainers remind wearers that they should stick to a nutritious diet and regular exercise plan. Their accessories can only amplify the effects of a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, some people notice that a waist trainer helps straighten out their posture. Indeed, having a wrap around the core does help keep it and your spine upright.

How Fast Do Waist Trainers Work? 

There’s no one answer to the question, how long do waist trainers take to work?

Some wearers might see changes within days of starting to wear one. Others need a few weeks or months before the results of the process start to show.

Some serious wearers will put theirs on for 8 to 12 hours a day, wearing it under casual and workout wear. This helps hasten results, as does a healthy diet and fitness regime.

You’ll have to be patient, though, and listen to your body throughout the process. If you find your waist trainer to be uncomfortable, loosen it or, of course, take it off.

Wearing the device too tightly can cause painful side effects, such as difficulty breathing or digestive issues. So, if the waist trainer doesn’t feel right, take it off — you could be protecting yourself from a bigger problem.

Should I Get a Waist Trainer? 

You now know the answer to your question, how do waist trainers work? You know the benefits of wearing one and how to do so safely. But only you can decide whether or not you should wear one — so, weigh the pros and cons and then make your decision.

And, if you need more health and fitness advice, check back with us regularly for updates.