How Does Pregnancy Massage Work?

Fertility or pregnancy massage is a nourishing, non-invasive, relaxing, and very effective massage on the lower back and abdomen. It aims to gently stimulate the digestive and reproductive systems’ abdominal area to promote hormonal and whole-body balance to help with multiple conditions. This massage can help you in connecting with your inner woman, your heart, and the womb, which you can use in your life and pregnancy journey.

Getting this nurturing womb massage provides numerous benefits for the body; below are some:

  • Encourages the uterus to return to its proper position
  • The menstrual cycle is regulated
  • Painful periods and ovulation are reduced
  • Increases blood circulation to the uterus and improves circulation
  • Aids in the natural cleansing of the body
  • Reduces tension and relaxes muscles


Why is Fertility Massage Much More than a Regular Massage?

Every woman should try this procedure at least once in her lifetime. Most massage treatments neglect the abdominal area, but a fertility massage focuses here.

Fertility massages focus on the internal organs of the abdominal cavity, improving circulation in the pelvic and sacral area while also adjusting the pelvis. It also benefits the GI system and intestinal health, as well as the immunological system. As a supplemental therapy to the IVF procedure, periodic fertility massage is quite effective.

During your first session, your fertility specialist will also teach you an easy self-care regimen to boost your chances of conceiving when you are attempting to get pregnant and prepping your body for conception or having IVF.

What are the Benefits of a Fertility Massage?

Hormonal Balance — The pregnancy massage triggers the production of oxytocin, balances hormonal levels, and controls the period by gently massaging the belly.

Prepares the body for conception- It helps to oxygenate the blood and stimulate egg production to enhance reproductive and fertility health by promoting the rise of blood flow to your uterus.

Regulates the menstrual cycle — It helps to relieve PMS symptoms by helping remove old blood, and that could result in pain-free cycles and a more normal cycle. To improve blood circulation to the uterus, fertility massage practitioners spend time helping the body improve its blood circulation, particularly in the abdominal area where the reproductive system is.

Fertility massage also relieves painful periods by releasing endorphins by gentle, non-invasive alignment of the ligaments and muscles.

This kind of massage could likewise help in breaking adhesion and scar tissue caused by Caesarean sections, pelvic difficulties, and abdominal surgery. Fertility massages are also an effective non-invasive treatment for obstructed fallopian tubes and endometriosis.

Moreover, it enhances blood flow and circulation, not only to the womb area but to all the neighboring organs in the abdomen, including the liver, spleen, gut, intestines, uterus, and ovary. According to Chinese medicine, all organs must work together to support one another, and when an organ is not in sync, it affects other organs in your body by emptying or overburdening another.

Reduce your stress level – If you’re under a lot of stress, your hormones will be out of whack. Massage induces relaxation and helps you relax by releasing oxytocin. Massage can also help to ease tension in the digestive system and gastrointestinal area, as well as promote internal peace. Self-care on a regular basis allows you to reconnect with your body and stay relaxed for longer.

When Is The Best Time To Do A Fertility Massage?

Have a fertility massage before you begin trying to get pregnant or at the onset of the IVF treatment (shortly after your monthly flow), and devote yourself to at least one therapy each month. You’ll be given a self-care regimen to undertake at home during the first appointment.

Post-partum womb massage is also a highly effective treatment to help align the womb back to its proper position.